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La Volasfera

Pela primeira vez estamos fazendo uma postagem em inglês. Não porque agora somos multinacionais, mas porque somos pobres (rsrs): Não temos recursos nem tempo para fazer uma boa tradução deste texto longo chamado La Volasfera. É um texto astrológico antigo que apresenta uma imagem e uma interpretação para cada um dos 360 graus (degrees) do Zodíaco. 
Há muitas obras nesse sentido baseadas no fato de que as características astrológicas de um ser, entidade ou evento, não se baseiam apenas na posição do sol, planetas e outros pontos de geometria celeste, mas também nos graus do zodíaco onde estavam o Sol , planetas e pontos. Acredita-se que essas imagens e interpretações foram feitas por pessoas que viam além das aparências (videntes) interpretando o conjunto de influências dos ângulos (aspectos) que as estrelas fixas fazem com cada um dos 360 graus do Zodíaco. Cada estrela fixa tem um grupo de influências cada uma delas assemelhada às dos plantetas.
Em muitos países as interpretações mais populares do significado dos graus são os Símbolos Sabeus (Sabian Simbols), textos ímpares criadas por um americano que via além das aparências no início do século 20. É interessante compararmos as várias imagens e interpretações de cada autor  sobre os graus do zodíaco de uma pessoa conhecida para ver se há uma verdade oculta nesses graus.
Este texto é um conjunto de imagens focadas uma para cada cada grau individual publicado por Sepharial, que reivindicava (1864-1929) que os seus símbolos eram uma tradução de La Volosfera de Antonio Borelli (ou Bonelli) cujo original é procurado até hoje.
Sepharial (1864-1929) cujo nome era Walter Gorn Old, foi teosofista amigo de Helena Blavatsky, astrólogo, numerólogo, estudou Medicina, linguas orientais, Astrologia Esotérica, Numerologia, e se interessou pelo pelo Cristianismo Carismático. Sua tradução de La Volosfera foi publicada pela primeira vez em 1898.
Devemos tomar o grau do sol no signo de nascimento da pessoa ou evento conhecidos, e verificar os augúrios. E também da mesma forma tomar o grau do planeta regente do ascendente, da lua e do Nó Lunar Norte (ou Cabeça do Dragão) e confirmar a veracidade das imagens e afirmações.
Sugerimos que cada interessado,que não tem prática na língua inglesa, após identificar os graus do sol e dos corpos celestes como explicado acima, faça uma das duas coisas:
  • peça ajuda a alguém conhecedor do inglês
  • faça a tradução (copiar e colar o texto) nos softwares de tradução existentes, apesar de sabermos que não é uma tradução boa.
 É surpreendente.
Segue o texto nesta ordem: grau e signo, imagem, significado da imagem :

  • 0-1 deg Aries
  • A strong man standing, dressed in skins, heavy, loose, and coarse material the shoulders almost bare. In his hand he bears a club. The figure suggests a Hercules.
  • It denotes a man capable of sustaining much labor, and one likely to perform great acts in which force of character and endurance sustain him rather than goodness of principle ,or purity of motive. The native is aggressive, passionate and quarrelsome, and well equipped for the struggle of life in its practical aspects. STRENGTH AND PASSION seems to mark this degree of the ecliptic.

1-2 deg Aries
A man standing, armed with sword and spear; richly dressed in scarlet and purple, with jeweled clasps, and helmet of fine brass or gold apparently prepared for battle and confident of victory.
It denotes a proud, warlike nature, with much self-reliance and confidence in his own powers. One who will have few friends and will be very independent in his way of living; at all times willing to assert his opinions and to evidence his powers. A nature somewhat fond of DISPLAY.

2-3 deg Aries
A woman sitting in a chair as if conversing with someone. Her hands are folded lightly upon her lap, her face has a pleasant, smiling expression. She is loosely habited in a Grecian robe, her neck and arms are bare.
It denotes a person of easy manner, kind and accessible to all; one fond of cheerful company and pleasant life. The native would never be cruel or harsh, but impulsive in passion and yet gentle in manner. The native would go to sonic length in order to avoid a quarrel, and is pre-eminently a lover of peace and harmony and will have many friends on that account who will be of use to him. It is a degree of ease and LUXURY.

3-4 deg Aries
A wood, in which much wild undergrowth abounds, and many plants of different kinds and colors.
It denotes a rustic nature, fond of the beauties of the country life; displaying not the least indication of learning, yet having much natural wisdom. A nature somewhat brusque and uncultivated, but rich of heart; abundant but untrained—one who will he very prodigal of his energies and wealth. It is a degree of crudity and RUGGEDNESS.

4-5 deg Aries
A person climbing a rock in the in midst of a fierce storm. Flashes of lightning reveal the figure in dark outline. It appears strong and climbs well.
It denotes a person who will give evidence of much force of character. One who will make his way against almost insuperable difficulties, but whose efforts will be finally crowned with a position of security and comfort. The native will pass through many perilous adventures and will make many conquests, but they will all be due rather to his own perseverance and force of character than to favoring circumstances. The degree seems to be one of UKCERTAINTY, PERIL, and FINAL SUCCESS.

5-6 deg Aries
A man riding upon a horse near to the edge of a cliff, and looking down into a valley where people are at work.
It denotes a nature well qualified to undertake the government of others; it seems to indicate that the force of circumstances will frequently place such a person in a position over others which is not without its dangers, and many catastrophes are to be feared. The degree indicates SUPERIORITY, attainment and honor; but is fraught with many dangers.

6-7 deg Aries
A fox running along a path beneath the shadow of a wall.
It denotes a wily, prudent and cunning person: one endowed with much circumspection and diplomatic power. Such persons are inclined, most of all, to self-defence without violence, and they gain their ends more by avoidance of dangers than by strength or aggressive means. In extremities of peril, a clever ruse or extraordinary presence of mind will often be the means of liberation. The quality of this degree is CAUTION.

7-8 deg Aries
A man surrounded by others seeking a quarrel.
It denotes one who is quick to anger, stirring up strife around him; eager to combat the opinions and to disturb the peace of others. Persons under this degree have a tendency to run into dangers, and not infrequently fall victims to their own imprudence. It is essentially a RASH and IMPETUOUS degree.

8-9 deg Aries
A man standing upon a lofty place with his arms folded and his head erect.
It denotes a person of great courage and self-confidence. One who makes an able friend or formidable enemy. In dangers he is cool and collected, at all times endowed with courage, and not infrequently a victims to pride and self-love. In most affairs of life he gains his ends on account   of his temerity and positive disposition. In the service of others he is frequently presumptuous, restless under restraint, loving freedom, and despising assistance. Occasionally he is too lofty to command attention from any but himself. This degree is one of PRIDE.

9-10 deg Aries
Symbol; A man on horseback standing alone in the middle of a battlefield, where around him lies the dead and dying.
It denotes a person who will occupy some singular position in life; one whose career will be remarkable, if not unique, and noted for Its daring and hazardous exploits. It gives success In undertakings and much prestige. It is a degree of VICTORY.

10-11 deg Aries
A woman of beautiful and kind countenance, standing alone, and but half covered with a robe which falls from the left shoulder.
It indicates a soft, gentle and amiable disposition; addicted to acts of kindness and charity; but of weak will, such as to be led astray through a desire to please others; forgetful of self and liable to acts of indiscretion. This is a degree of BEAUTY AND GENTLENESS.

11-12 deg Aries
A man leading two children by the hands.
It denotes a sociable and bountiful nature with strong instincts of a domestic nature. One who delights in his family relations and feels pride in the quality of householder and husband. The degree confers much dignity and honor upon the native in his social and civil life, but elsewhere he does not meet so much success. It Is a degree of CONSERVAISM.

12-13 deg Aries
A man at the summit of a mountain, illumined by the setting sun; holding a staff his right hand, in his left a crown.
It denotes one who through suffering, pain and hard work, will at the close of life rise to much dignity and receive many honors. This degree is capable, of lifting, the native from obscurity to prominence as the reward of enduring effort. It is a degree of REWARD.

13-14 deg Aries
A man out in mid-ocean on a raft, famished and in pitiable distress.
It denotes loneliness and indigence in life; one who will lead a strange and outcast life, with few friends and those either unwilling or unable to help him. It. seems to contain the idea of much traveling, perhaps exile, and finally a lonely grave. It is a degree of ISOLATION.

14-15 deg Aries
A man struggling in the water a broken footbridge above his head.
It denotes a nature prone to mistakes of judgment; liable to be too trustful of others and to misplace his confidences, so that he is often deceived, not only in his own powers, but in his estimate of the character of others. In a speculative life, the native of this degree would be hopelessly unsuccessful in the end; and ought to cultivate self-knowledge and self-reliance and to exercise extreme caution in all his dealings and associations. This degree is one of TREACHERY.

15-16 deg Aries
A youth, book in hand, wanders .apparently through a glade overhung with the branches of surrounding trees. The sunlight is slanting through the trees, and falling upon the figure of the student.
It denotes one who is fond of nature, and studious of her laws; loving the peaceful contemplation of natural-beauty; devoted to the higher interests of his soul; and of a reclusive disposition. Such would be successful in his pursuits of natural history , whether in one department or another, but would not apply his knowledge to the attainment of fame. This is a degree of PASSIVE BEAUTY.

16-17 deg Aries
A woman holding scales, containing on the one side a cup red wine, on the other a number of golden coins.
This is a degree indicating one of a speculative nature, selfish, and luxurious; one whose heart is divided between pleasure and wealth, but who knows not the true use of either. Such would gain wealth by. speculation, but waste it in extravagance. “The fool and his money are soon parted.” So here. It Is a degree of EARTHINESS.

17-18 deg Aries
A man and woman standing hand in hand, looking with affection towards one another.
This denotes a person of an amiable and pleasant disposition, friendly to all, and beloved of his kinsmen. One who desires peace and concord, and who will meet with success through the intervention of some female friend. It is a degree of AMITY.

18-19 deg Aries
An old man, dressed in a simple and much worn gown, carrying two bags of gold clasped at his breast with nervous hands.
It denotes one who worships gold; a stingy and misanthropic nature. One who acquires to no purpose: self-centered and reclusive; whose constant fear is loss, a fear that is sure to be realized. It is a degree of ACQUISITIVENESS.

19-20 deg Aries
A man equipped for, a rough journey, belted and armed.
This degree signifies one of adventurous nature, food of discovery and of travel. A pioneer In what ever field of labor he may undertake to work in; one. who will open up new roads of knowledge and research; active, aggressive, bold and fearless; one who will travel into distant countries and gain applause for his discoveries. It is a degree of INQUISITIVENESS.

20-21 deg Aries
A strong and prosperous-looking man stands with arms extended forward, holding in his hands a bowl full of wine.
It denotes a generous and hospitable nature; one that will succeed through good and worthy actions, yet has some sense of his own merits and powers, and is desirous of recognition. A steadfast and sincere man, who will make many friends and be held by them in respect. It is a degree of CONSCIOUS MERIT.

21-22 deg Aries
A man of tottering and uncertain gait, carrying water which he spills on the ground.
It denotes a weak and disorderly nature which, by reason of its imperfection, will be prone to go astray. Such an one will lose credit and substance through his indecision and faulty judgment. One that will not attain to his end because of his wavering nature and his want of direction and stability. How shall he act who does not know what he desires? It is a degree of INSTABILITY.

22-23 deg Aries
A man standing with tanked in his hand ready to drink. Two others standing apart, talking together, with averted faces.
This denotes one who is likely to fail Into evil habits by low associations, and who, through the envy and intrigues of his comrades, will suffer injury. Such an one has not the power of selection in his pursuits, and is likely to drift with the stream into all sorts of unpremeditated evil. It is a degree of WEAKNESS.

23-24 deg Aries
A man playing with colored balls, an immodest woman standing behind him.
This indicates one of a playful but careless nature, given over to pleasures and unprofitable pursuits. One who will be crossed in life by the opposite sex, and meet with troubles thereby. One of very little force of character or worthy ambition. It is a degree of FOOLISHNESS.

24-25 deg Aries
A man of powerful form, riding upon a restive horse, whose mouth is curbed.
It denotes a man of strong character, capable of maintaining his dignity and position by means of his natural powers. One of strong and independent nature, who will so far have his own way as to be at times tyrannous and unjust. One who will brook no opposition, nor give quarter to an enemy. It is a degree of DOMINION.

25-26 deg Aries
A kingly person, presenting a scepter to one kneeling.
It denotes one, who, whether by his merits, or’ by the influence of persons in power and authority, will rise above the level of his birth. The nature is one of merit allied to ambition, which will effect great things, not, however, without assistance. It is a degree of ATTAENIENT.

26-27 deg Aries
A man, richly attired, having lost his foothold, is failing to the ground.
It denotes one whose nature will not sustain the reverses of fortune to which he will be subjected. Attaining to considerable dignity and influence, most likely as the accident of birth, he will not continue therein to the end of his days, but will fail for want of judgment and persistence. This degree signifies the breaking up of families and the loss of their traditions. It is a degree of DECADENCE.

27-28 deg Aries
A fair woman, richly attired, stands alone.
It denotes one of a rich and beneficent nature, who will, by his goodness of heart, attract many friends and gain great attention. It indicates success through a woman. The nature is not free from love of luxury and approbation, but it is generous and gifted, and will, by friendly counsel, meet with opportunity for expression and due reward. It is a degree of FAVOUR.

28-29 deg Aries
A man of humble appearance, but much strength, felling a tree with an axe.
It denotes a person of a practical nature; aggressive, and sometimes destructive. One who finds success in simple and persistent effort and who will meet with many obstacles in life, against which he will successfully contend. It denotes a simple, honest, and impulsive nature; one that will cut out his own part in life in spite of many difficulties. It is a degree of LABOUR.

29-30 deg Aries
A horse man, armed as if for battle, is watching the waning moon.
It denotes a person of an independent and domineering nature, who will be forsaken by his friends and colleagues on that account, and whose fortunes will be severely hurt by a female. Serving himself alone, he will not receive assistance. "The dog and his bone are best left alone." It is a degree of ISOLATION.

0-1 deg Taurus
A woman of p1easent face, neatly attired, stands holding a sword, whose point is earthward. Her head is kissed by the meridian Sun, her face is towards the north.
It denotes a person of. a disputative mind, one who will have many enemies, and will need to exercise himself much in self-defense; one to whom life will open out into a great field of strife, but who, through his own native force and diplomacy, will eventually prevail. It is a degree of SELF-PRESERVATION.

1-2 deg Taurus
A man lying up on the ground in the last moments of life. The Sun is setting amid clouds.
It denotes one for whom life will be a severe lesson; whose ambition is likely to outstrip his power; one who will attempt great his discomfiture; whose efforts will prove futile, and whose hopes a will vanish as the clouds. It is a degree of SELF-PRESERVATION.

2-3 deg Taurus
A woman is gathering grapes, with she fills many baskets.
It denotes a person whose interest will be greatly enhanced in the autumn of life, who will reap benefits greatly enhanced in the autumn of life, who will reap benefits from old age and pleasures from maturity; whose chief characteristic is acquisitiveness, and whose designs will meet with much success. It is a degree of acquirement, of GATHERING TOGETHER.

3-4 deg Taurus
A burning brand beneath the paw of a lion, whose rage is against it.
It denotes a person in whose life much sedition will prevail, whose affairs will be marred by his own violence, and whose house will be dismembered through strife, in whom wrath will effect great evils , and whose force will be turned against himself. If is a degree of DISINTEGRATION.

4-5 deg Taurus
A man of benevolent countenance stands near to a cottage chopping wood. Around him are orchards well filled with fruit. Near to him is a sheep grazing.
It denotes a person of a contented, happy disposition, a friend of Nature and well beloved of her. A man of natural goodwill, whose labor is, its own reward, whose wealth is his own contentment, and whose ambitions are fulfilled with the day. It is a degree of HEART-WEALTH.

5-6 deg Taurus
A man in the prime of life stands upon a dais, holding in his right hand a scroll of papers; upon his head is a laurel wreath.
It denotes one who will attain the greatest victories in life by means of his intellect; who is possessed by his great penetration and large understanding, through which he will acquire honours and dignity, and will be regarded with favor by the people. It is a degree of MIND-WEALTH.

6-7 deg Taurus
A well-favored cow, grazing in a park, in the shade of two trees.
It denotes one whose wealth will lie in the direction of natural qualities, whose mind will be complacent, contented, incapable of great distress or very effective dart one who will attract attention chiefly by his physical powers (or if a female, by her beauty) and his good fortune; not by the use of his mind. it denotes comfort and happiness dissociated from labor, and inclining to luxury; success and contentment in one’s attachments, It is a degree of BODILY WEALTH.

7-8 deg Taurus
An old man, poorly clad, stands by the side of a river, from which he collects bits of wood and straw with a rake.
It demotes one of little wit, who will, through his own obtuseness, fall into errors which lead, to his own despoiling. He will think to gain comforts by easy ways, and will scratch to himself heaps of marrow and annoyance, and this chiefly from females. What substance be has he will hardly keep, and what he has not, that he will not readily gain. . It is a degree of LASSITUDE.

8-9 deg Taurus
A portly man , walking among pigeons, which flock upon the ground at his feet.
It denotes a man whose chief interest will be in his home, and in the care of his children; one who is attractive to young persons, and whose mind is pacific and benevolent; one who has the ability to inspire confidence and faith in other; whose footsteps will be followed in security and whose life goes by easy weay to a peaceful end. It is a degree of MINISTRATION.

9-10 deg Taurus
An ox lying upon the ground asleep, in the sunshine. Upon its back two birds are perched.
It denotes one of an idle and self-indulgent nature, whose pleasure is in his physical appetites and their satisfaction. One who will bring trouble upon himself and over whom the sirens will quarrel while they feed upon him. It is a degree of GROSSMESS.

10-11 deg Taurus
A man seated on a throne, holding a scepter, crowned, and with signs of wealth around him.
It denotes one, who, if born wealthy, will attain, eminence by means of his care in the affairs of life; if born poor, he will acquire both wealth and fame. The position wall be due to his shrewdness rather than his integrity, for the chief characteristic here is watchfulness. It is a degree of SELF.SERVICE.

11-12 Taurus, Volasfera
A flower of a bright orange tint, upon which two butterflies are   resting and fanning their wings.
It denotes a sympathetic and graceful nature, ever ready to please others, and yet anxious of recognition and affection from those to whom it is devoted; one that desires peace and concord, and finds delight in associating with those of a similar character to itself; a hopeful and happy nature, upon which the heavens will smile. It is a degree of RECIPROCITY.

12-13 deg Taurus, Volasfera
Two dogs running, one carrying a bone, the other in pursuit of it.
It denotes one who is prone to unlawful acquisitions to envy and strife; yet likely to cheat himself in the end by pursuing unprofitable things, without attainment of those which are nearer at hand. There is little satisfaction in this nature; and not much will come of its craving. It is a degree of SELFISHNESS.

13-14 deg Taurus, Volasfera
A table upon which a right angle and a plane are lying.
It denotes a humble and industrious nature, that finds pleasure in good work. A man of justice, rectitude and strength, whose life will be full of peace in the service of others, and whose ends will be graced by the fruits of well doing. The chief characteristic is the sense of justice an fraternity. It is a degree of LIBERALITY.

14-15 deg Taurus, Volasfera
A venerable man seated in an uncertain light; before him are several books, and various scientific instruments surround him.
It denotes a studious and intuitive nature, whose mental vision will see where others arc in the darkness; one devoted to the inner meaning of Nature’s workings, and acting from obscure motives; one of much self-reliance, inclined to solitariness, and yet always surrounded by friends; one who will be sought after while himself seeking none. It is a degree of MYSTERY.

15-16 deg Taurus, Volasfera
Two white cows are standing together in a jungle; behind them is a tiger ready to spring.
It denotes that one born under this sign will have many advantages in. early life, will make a prosperous marriage, but through a false sense of security will afterwards come to ruin and sorrow. It is a degree of RELAXATION.

16-17 deg Taurus, Volasfera
A man swimming in the river against the current and making no progress.
This symbolizes a life of toil without much fruits; the misdirection of effort through ignorance of natural laws; a straining after that which Nature has not designed, and consequent failure in life. The native will be unpopular, moving against the stream, and by much exertion, hurting himself alone. It is a degree of FUTILITY.

17-18 deg Taurus, Volasfera
Two bulls are seen fighting together.
This denotes a petulant and warlike character, who is ever ready to take up arms with the slightest cause. Danger by one’s own hand as much as by that of opponents is threatened. The native will make many enemies. He who takes to the sword perishes by it. It is a degree of STRIFE.

18-19 deg Taurus, Volasfera
A woman, lightly clad, is lying in a field surrounded by violet -colored   flowers.
It denotes a gentle, inoffensive but weak nature, inclined to indolence or hopelessness, and thus while Nature is luxurious and fertile, and all around speaks of wealth gained by industry, the native remains in a poor condition for want of determination. It is a degree of INCOMPETENCE.

19-20 deg Taurus, Volasfera
A crow, or raven, stands upon a water pot.
This indicates a designing and crafty nature, planning mischief even in regard to harmless things, but one who will find himself reflected in his own designs, and will eventually injure himself thereby. It is a degree of ENVY.

20-21 deg Taurus, Volasfera
An owl, perched on a tree, in the branches of which a snake is coiled.
It indicates a silent, watchful disposition, inclined to caution, method, and thrift, but liable to assaults from unexpected sources, which will overthrow many carefully designed plans. It is a degree of ANTICIPATION.

21-22 deg Taurus, Volasfera
A field of rich grass in which stands a tree. A swarm of bees encircle the tree.
It indicates one whose efforts will be successful and whose diligence will lead to the acquisition of money and friends. Industry and thrift will be the characteristics of the native, and success will come by those qualities rather than by unexpected favors of Fortune. It is a degree of UTILITY.

22-23 deg Taurus, Volasfera
A king sits upon a throne; behind him stands a figure veiled in black.
It signifies one who will suffer misfortune in the height of his career and whose fall will be dangerous in proportion to the height he has attained. The native will be too apt to depend on his own powers and will essay feats which will be beyond his natural powers. Ambition will lead him into dangerous positions, and at a weak moment he will fall. Let this be taken as equally affecting his physical, moral, and social welfare. It is a degree of COLLAPSE.

23-24 deg Taurus
A bed of a dried-up river, wherein crows (black birds) are feeding.
It signifies one who will take his course through useless tracks, and by too much trust in others will suffer depletion. Yea, though all has life long he may minister to the wants of others, yet, in his advancing years, he will be abandoned to the mercy of wayfaring and deceitful men. This illustrates virtue misapplied. It as a degree of DECLINE.

24-25 deg Taurus
A lion rampant, standing upon an elevated ground.
It indicates a powerful and haughty nature; one who is disposed to justify himself by force of arms rather than by intrinsic merit. Such a person will make many his servants but few his friends and in the end his state will be a pitiable as that of a dying lion. It is a degree of PRIDE.

25-26 deg Taurus
A fair woman, leading a child by the hand, and gathering flowers by the way.
It denotes a person of a loving and agreeable nature disposed to find happiness in the execution of common duties; alover of domestic peace and of tolerance in all things. It is a degree of CONCORT.

26-27 deg Taurus
An alchemist at work in his laboratory; upon his table is much gold.
It indicates a patient, thrifty nature. One who by industry and inventive faculty will acquire wealth, but yet will live simply. It denotes an eccentric vocation and success therein. Such a person is likely to have more means at his command than his nature requires to use. It is a degree of SUCCESS. .

27-28 deg Taurus
A man is seen climbing a pole which is set upon an elevation.
It signifies one who will aspire after vain things and exert himself to no purpose; whose ambitions are in the clouds and who knows not how to reach them. It is a degree of VAGARY.

28-29 deg Taurus
A powerful man, holding a scourge in his right hand, and driving two slaves in manacles.
It signifies a tyrant, who takes delight in power apart from its uses, and whose opinions are bigoted and selfish. To rule, without regard to qualifications, is the passing ambition of one born under this degree. Death, which frees the slave, will bind the hands of a tyrant in irons forged from his own heart. It is a degree of DESPOTISM.

29-30 deg Taurus
A dark man, richly appareled, and surrounded by servants and courtiers, reclines on a couch.
It indicates one whose tastes are luxurious but artistic, one who will have much wealth and influence, but whose love of ease will be his great fault and the   cause of his worst misfortunes. He who would provide for a long journey must not carry water in his hands. It is a degree of LUXURY.

0-1 deg Gemini
Two yellow flowes growing beneath the shade of a luxuriant tree.
It Indicates a life of security, peace and prosperity. The native will make friendships that will prove sincere and advantageous; and by means of his friends he will meet with success in life. He will be protected by someone greater than himself, whose influence will be widespread and beneficent. The native will have a kind nature, trustful disposition, and his domestic life will be happy and prosperous. It is a degree of SECURITY.

1-2 deg Gemini
A man scaling a wall by means of a rope ladder. In his teeth he holds a sword, and in his right hand a firearm.
It signifies one of a daring and courageous nature, who will, by his own merit, rise to positions of honor, and overcome all obstacles. He will be eloquent, carrying defense in his mouth, and prominent in his avocation. He will, however, die on the attainment of his greatest ambition. A degree of PROWESS.

2-3 deg Gemini
A troubadour stands with one foot upon the ledge of a rock, his instrument slung at his side; he is listening to the music of a cascade which falls at his feet.
This denotes a person of Bohemian habits, refined tastes, a love for things beautiful, music, poetry, art, etc. The native will lead a roaming life, will have much happiness, but not great fame. He will be talented, but maybe too contented in the possession of his powers and thinking too little of his wider uses. He will have a strong imagination, love of the marvelous, and will be very sensitive to the opinions and influence of others. It is a degree of HARMIONY.

3-4 deg Gemini
A man dressed like a Minister of. State, of venerable and kindly aspect.
This degree will produce a person of kind and noble disposition; one who wilt occupy positions of trust, and, by his own merits, rise to eminence in his own sphere of work. It is a degree of DIGNITY.

4-5 deg Gemini
Two men standing in a wood in the act of fighting a duel. Between them   lies a rich purple and gold vesture and a casket of jewels.
This indicates that the native will be of a jealous and warlike nature, winning a competence for himself by great hazards. He will make efforts at gaining wealth and position, but will meet with opposition, and will either succeed or perish in the attempt. This is a degree of CHANCE.

5-6 deg Gemini
A woman stands holding; a book in one hand and a pair of scales in the other.
It indicates a person of learning, sound reason, dispassionate judgment, elegant manners, but a cold and impassive nature. The native will succeed in his duties and profession, and will become famous, but not popular. He will be rich and will live to a good age. This is a degree of JUDGMENT.

6-7 deg Gemini
A peaceful valley; a lake on which a swan is floating. At the back rises a high mountain.
This indicates one of a generous, kind nature, full of contentment and quiet happiness. One who will suffer but few sorrows, and will ‘have peace in all his relations. The mind will be passive, calm, and thoughtful; the manners courteous and graceful, and the body elegant. The native will have strong memory and small imaginative power. This is a degree of PEACE.

7-8 deg Gemini
A house on fire at night-time.
It indicates that the native will be rash and warlike, inclined to destruction, and successful therein beyond his desires. He will be apt to stir up disputes among others and to bring desolation upon himself through a false sense of security. His domestic life will be full of turmoil. It is a degree of STRIFE.

8-9 deg Gemini
The figure of a woman holding a globe in one hand and a scepter in the   other.
It indicates wide knowledge and power; a position of importance; a mind fit for governing, and a position of security after middle life. There are indications of pride and self-love in this symbol, but dignity, conscientiousness, and self-reliance are prominent features in the character. It is a   degree of DOMINION.

9-10 deg Gemini
A woman of pleasing appearance stands offering a glass of some fluid to a child.
It indicates that the person born under this degree will have a kind, sympathetic nature, able and willing to help the sick and needy; one whose knowledge of human nature, of arts and sciences, will be thorough and well used. The nature is gentle and benevolently hopeful and inspiring, and disposed to self sacrifice. This is a degree of HEALING.

10-11 deg Gemini
A group of vagrants or gypsies, seated round a cauldron, in which food is preparing.
This denotes a person of alien nature, whose fortunes will be fickle, and whose happiness will be centered in his family. Withal, there is a tinge of sensuousness in the nature, disposing to excess in the satisfaction of the appetites. This person will leave his native land and wander over the world, never satisfied with things as they are; but, ever seeking, he will leave many golden opportunities behind. It is a degree of EXCESS.

11-12 deg Gemini, La Volasfere
A young laurel tree, broken by the wind and withered.
The native will be of a hopeful and honorable character, full of projects for the future, but will lose many opportunities through misfortunes unforeseen. His affections will be sincere, but fate will be against him in this respect, and few things in his life will come to maturity. Expected honors will be snatched from him, and the flowers of life will wither in his hand. Let him practice self-restraint and encourage contentment. This is a degree of (sfiorezza). SPOLIATION.

12-13 deg Gemini
Two wolves are devouring a carcass in the moonlight.
It indicates one of a crafty, subtle nature, avaricious, given to treaties and associations of a dangerous character; secretive, revengeful, and of a quick temper. The native will lead a roaming and unsettled life. This degree is fatal to one born while the Sun is above the earth. It is a degree of VORACITY AND SELF-SEERING.

13-14 deg Gemini
A man in a mask stands beneath the shadow, of a tree at night. At his feet there is a dead cow.
It denotes a person of a wily nature, acquisitive, and disposed to use doubtful means in the pursuit of wealth. The native will show an excess of caution and self-regard, but he is liable to be deceived in his own powers. This is a degree of PLUNDER.

14-15 deg Gemini
A woman holding a bundle of faggots, her hair loose and disordered by the wind. She wanders in search of something.
It indicates a person of versatile character and eccentric nature. One who Is disposed to undertake more things than he is able to complete, and who will either be brilliant on account of wide learning, or impotent through over much vexation and trouble. It is a degree of CONFUSION.

15-16 deg Gemini
A man sitting upon his heels and breaking stones with a hammer.
It indicates a person of very few resources and of small intellectual powers; who, from lack of ability or through misfortune, will be able to bring but little to fruition. One who may labor much to little fruition. It is a degree of UNFRUITFULNESS.

16-17 deg Gemini
A broken pitcher lying upon the ground with spilled fruit around it.
It denotes one who will come to some untimely end through the hands of another. It shows the nature to be unpractical and the pursuits of the native to be mostly, vain and of no lasting benefit It shows loss of powers, during lifetime, and perhaps loss of faculties. It is a degree of IMPOTENCE.

17-18 deg Gemini
A flying arrow.
It indicates a person of lofty aspirations, keen mental powers, penetration and executive ability, One who will cut out his own line in life and excite attention, but who may, by his destiny, fail in achieving the result aimed at. It is a degree of EXECUTION.

18-19 deg Gemini
A woman stands in an attitude of dejection and covers her otherwise naked breast with the hair of her head.
It indicates one who will have great sorrow in life, and will be deserted by friends and left to his own resources. To a woman it speaks of the worst of ills. Blighted hopes, betrayed confidence, sudden bereavement and void ambitions are the dire fruits of this black line in the scroll of life. This degree is PERILOUS.

19-20 deg Gemini
Two men, well clad, are standing together, the one holding a white horn by the bridle.
It points out a person who has much attitude in spiritual things, a tendency to believe much in earns and visions, and to pursue strange studies. It gives the friendship of notable persons and a taste for science among other things; but at the same time it may lead the native into dangerous paths. If influence falls to the hand of this man it may work him harm; It is a degree of DISPROPORTION.

20-21 deg Gemini
A youth is seen throwing coins into a cup as if in play.
It denotes a person of eccentric and, to a certain extent, unsociable habits, who will probably lose great opportunities by his carelessness and peculiar tastes while amusing himself after his own manner; he will be reckless of how others may be working, and will probably lead a dependent life. It is a degree of INDIFFERENCE.

21-22 deg Gemini
A young woman lying beneath a tree, throwing food to the birds which gather around her.
It indicates a person of gentle, winning disposition, kind heart, and generous, ardent nature. One who will be happy and make others so. Domestic peace and prosperity. Rustic habits, a lover of the artistic and beautiful in nature, fond of poetry, music and singing. Some disposition to follow the fine arts. A lover of peace and concord. It is a degree of GENIALITY or FELLOWFEELING.

22-23 deg Gemini
An old oak, without leaf or bark, splintered by the storms through which it has passed, stands alone upon a desolate moorland.
It denotes one who through his own actions, or the force of circumstances, will be deserted by kith and kin, and will pass through many trials. The storms of life will sear his heart and blight his nature ere the young world of his dreams can grow up around him to shelter and protect his years of falling leaf. It is a degree of ABANDONMENT.

23-24 deg Gemini
Several sparrows are collected together, chattering and pluming themselves in the dust.
It indicates a person of social and jovial nature, somewhat given to luxury and convivial pursuits, but very unselfish, happy in the company of others, attractive, forming many friendships. Ever ready to express his honest nature by word of mouth or in spontaneous action. Gifted in the art of persuasion, sympathetic. it is a degree of FRIENDSHIP.

24-25 deg Gemini
An old book lying open upon a table, and beside it a burning lamp.
It signifies a person of some exceptional mental powers, whose mind will be well stored with ancient learning. One of a studious and retiring nature, whose greatest happiness and whole wealth will be in the conquests of the mind. He will achieve something of importance to the world by dint of close and patient study. It is a degree of CULTIVATION.

25-26 degGemini
A market place, in which several young men are in dispute, and asserting their respective opinions by the free use of cudgels.
It signifies a person of a stubborn, willful nature, easily persuaded of the merits or rights of others, litigious and quarrelsome, of few sympathies, jealous and revengeful, it denotes a life of many dangers and perhaps death by the hands of a man. It is a degree of CONTEST.

26-27 deg Gemini
A young man of disheveled appearance sitting upon a barren rock by the sea, weeping.
It denotes a person of melancholy disposition, over whom the circumstances of life will have much influence, even to the extent of depriving him of all happiness. To a certain extent the nature is dependent and confiding, at all times sympathetic, but ill-fitted to the battle of life. It denotes also some great heart trouble, bereavement or disappointment in love, death of husband or wife as the case may be. It is a degree of MELANCHOLY.

27-28 deg Gemini
A large and well cultivated tract of land.
It signifies a person of broad, open and genial temperament of mind, a healthy body, keen appreciation of natures beauties; love, of rustic pursuits; successful life, large family and many friends. This individual will live more in the physical and emotional aspects of his nature than in the mental or spiritual; yet the reflection of these in the life of the native will be apparent and will work for good in him. It is a degree of FRUITFULNESS.

28-29 deg Gemini
A gloomy sky filled with scudding clouds. A flight of black birds are struggling against the wind.
It denotes a person of pessimistic nature; one who will abandon his many projects for want of hope and perseverance. The mind is filled with an endless succession of thoughts and schemes, but always in the black mantle of doubt and misgiving. The nature is weak and easily thrown off the track; prolix, versatile, but lacking, as such natures mostly are, in continuity. This individual will have many dreams and yet none will be fulfilled. Hence he will have no confidence, either in himself or his designs. It is a degree of DOUBT and CHANGE.

29-30 deg Gemini
A wolf following a sheep along a secluded pathway.
It signifies a crafty nature, capable of intrigue and deception; one who will form associations with a design of ultimate conquest. A seductive nature, living at the risk of others happiness. A man of considerable powers of persuasion, but not to be trusted. It Is a degree of DECEPTION.

0-1 deg Cancer
A well-fruited vine hanging upon an old wall beneath the sunshine of summer day.
It signifies a person of tender sympathies and strong attachments, capable of extreme self-devotion to one who is beloved; fruitful in good acts, happy and contented in disposition. One who will have enough of the good things of life and will use them wisely. The native will marry well, and frequently it will be found that the native of this degree abides long in one place, and is held by strong associations to country and to kin. It is a degree of SYMPATHY.

1-2 deg Cancer
A dog standing over a bare bone in front of it are two others half starved.
It denotes a person of a very selfish and jealous nature, unproductive of any good to himself and of no use to his fellows; a mere hanger-on. The disposition is indolent, but what it lacks in energy is supplied by suavity, finesse and subtlety, so that the native is never at a loss for the means to live; but buys comfort at the cheapest, price, and is often a respectable   beggar. It is a degree of INDOLENCE.

2-3 deg Cancer
A woman seated in an altitude of grief, her clothes disordered and her hair unkempt, holding some faded flowers in her hands; among the flowers are lilies and roses.
It indicates a person of fateful inclinations and strong passions, whose life will be subject to the influence of the opposite sex, and who, if not extremely cautious in those relations, will suffer injury and perhaps disgrace. It points to one of weak will, but strong feelings which are apt to over-rule reason and experience. It is a degree of SPOLIATION.

3-4 deg Cancer
A well-appointed table, with the remnants of a feast lying upon it.
It indicates a person of worldly tendencies, with an appetite for the good things of life, which will not be denied. The nature is extravagant and reckless, prone to all kinds of excess and passionate impulses, whereby the fortunes will be most seriously damaged. These things arise from a certain richness of heart and camaraderie, but goodwill in this individual finds expression mostly through the sensuous nature. It is a degree of SENSUALITY.

4-5 deg Cancer
A young tree or sapling beat about the middle and thence growing awry.
It indicates a person of warm affections, but incautious nature; who confides, without sufficient grounds, in those around him; and is apt to misplace his trust. To those of the female sex it is a baneful degree. In general1 it shows a loving and trustful nature without much knowledge of   human weaknesses. It is apt to be bent, and perhaps broken, by the storms of passion, and to lean where there is no real support. It is a degree of BETRAYAL.

5-6 deg Cancer
A woman clothed in gaudy apparel, plays with some jewels us her lap.
It indicates a nature of wasteful and impractical habits, yet gifted with some degree of savoir faire and knowledge of human nature. The native will be inclined to habits of excess, will be fond of dress and ornamentation; fortunate in the acquisition of wealth, but wholly unacquainted with its right use; good-hearted but foolish and extravagant, and yet frequently unjust therein. A nature too prone to externals and outward show. It is a degree of SEMBLANCES.

6-7 deg Cancer
An iron gauntlet, a sword, and a scourge lying together upon the stump of a tree.
It indicates a person of strong personality, but of a tyrannous nature, who, by force of arms and aggression, generally will press forward regardless of the merits of others and insensible of their feelings. His hand, though strong, is frequently unjust and cruel in its action, impelled by the motive that might is right; and, when opposed, is capable of extreme cruelty and selfishness. In certain natures the influence of this degree generates the common-place bully. It is a degree of SELF-ASSERTION.

7-8 deg Cancer
A dove lies upon the ground, while over it a snake is poised in an attitude of attack.
It indicates on the one hand a nature capable of extreme self-indulgence and license; and, on the other, one who is apt to succumb to worldly seductions. The influence of this degree acts most powerfully to destroy domestic happiness and to fracture marital relations; and the fate of the native will hang upon the nature and influence of a subtle fascination or a secret attachment. It is a degree of SELF-ABANDON.

8-9 deg Cancer
A little village lying in a fertile valley.
It indicates one whose heart is full of native goodness, whose hand is set to great work in modest ways, and whose patience, thrift, and true humility will bring his work to perfection. There is very little aggression and no self-assertion in this nature; but, like the valley, it is fruitful in good things because of its lowliness, while surrounding high peaks of the mountains are barren. The native, though never famous, will be always successful, even beyond his ambitions, which are modest but steadfast. It is a degree of CONTENTMENT.

9-10 deg Cancer
A wide-spreading oak tree, around the roots of which new many young shoots, while the birds of the season sing among its branches.
It Indicates a steady, strong and reliable nature, which by much industry comes at length to the fruits of its labor, and in the autumn of life will he surrounded by the most grateful evidences of its own energy and perseverance. While sustaining itself it will afford shelter and comfort to others, but among its own kindred and among strangers, so that with integrity and competence there will go honor and esteem to enrich a good old age. It is a degree of FRUITFULNESS.

10-11 deg Cancer
A stranded vessel on a low, sandy beach.
It indicates a person whose affairs in life will come to an unfortunate end, or will be   oftentimes totally arrested. The nature is one where ambition is not joined to sufficient experience or discretion; and, in avoiding obvious rocks, is liable to run upon unsuspected sand-banks. Yet through all risks the native will hold together without serious injury to himself, and will somehow always gain a new start in life after each failure. The nature is hopeful and even confident; but not qualified for independent work. If a sailor or traveler, the native will be in danger of shipwreck. This degree is fateful to those on the sea. It is a degree of OBSTRUCTION.

11-12 deg Cancer
A dagger lying beside a skull.
It denotes one of fatal tendencies, destructive to a degree; inclined to cruelty   and oppression. This person will need to hold his passions in strong check or some fatality will surely come upon him. The nature is melancholy and taciturn; yet silently discerning, and capable of keen feelings. “It makes not, but it mars; and with the hollow eyes of death looks back with secret self-condemnation upon its unfruitful work.’ The end of life is tragic. It   is a degree of UNDOING.

12-13 deg Cancer
A caduceus between two moons, one crescent and the other gibbous.
It denotes a person of extreme capacity in the pursuit of knowledge, a penetrating mind, and retentive memory; the native will accomplish wonders in the pursuit of the subtile sciences. The temper is changeful like the moon, and subject to fits of hope and despondency of more or less rapid alternation. The native is likely to travel much and to be subject to many changes of fortune. But the chief characteristic is versatility and aptitude in the gaining of knowledge. With the symbol of Hermes dominant the native will either lie a linguist, doctor, or a distinguished scholar. It is a degree of KNOWLEDGE.

13-14 deg Cancer
A bunch of spring flowers, over which is set a bright star which flashes and sparkles in a deep blue atmosphere.
It indicates a person of poetical and gentle disposition, fond of sublime subjects and the study of nature in its gentler phases; may be a botanist or astronomer, or one with a strong taste for such associations. In early life this individual will rise to a good position, and if not born into at illustrious family will marry a person of high rank or fame. In all cases the native attains a good position and generally marries early into a family devoted to the fine arts. It is a degree of SUCCESS.

14-15 deg Cancer
A dais on which is set a throne, on the cushion of which a dog is lying asleep
. It indicates a person of idle habits, to whom hard work and care are foreign and distasteful; but who will, whether by watchfulness, force or strategy, attain to a good position and hold offices for which he is not by nature qualified. It frequently produces a mere charlatan; or one who hides under a passive and indifferent exterior a vicious and spiteful nature. It is a degree of USURPATION.

15-16 deg Cancer
A man like a Hercules or Samson standing over a slain lion.
It indicates a person of much tenacity and strength of purpose; who by dint of extreme power, whether physical or mental, will overcome his greatest and most terrible enemies. The native will have much to contend with in life, and will encounter many dangers; but, as indicated, will finally overcome them. Together with this native strength, there may be blended a softness and gentleness of manner, which may induce others to attempt an advantage over him; but those Philistine who may have this Samson out (shorn and eyeless though he be) to make sport with him will rue the day. It is a degree of CONQUEST.

16-17 deg Cancer
A lightning flash.
It indicates a person of extreme nervous energy and force of character, who, by reason of his executive abil1ty and great fund of energy, will take a leading part in the affairs of his community. The native of this sign will, among other things, be a great reformer. He will clear doubts as lightning rends the clouds, and will, while overturning much of existing belief, become a source of Illumination to many. It is a degree of PIONEERING.

17-18 deg Cancer
A cluster of faded exotics, very sweet and sickly to the smell.
It Indicates a person of extreme frailty of character, unable to hold his own in the broad fields of life, and very timorous of exposure to the keen winds of criticism. One who will live in luxury even when of small means; a person with very little mettle, fond of pleasures and of fictitious stimulants. The native will eventually fall on evil days. It is a degree of SATIETY.

18-19 deg Cancer
An escutcheon containing a harp and a gauntlet.
It denotes a person of noble aspirations and refined tastes. One whose family is connected with the musical or military worlds, and who will have tastes in one or the other direction. In either he will show much aptitude, but in music the executive powers will transcend the ability to compose. As an interpreter of others works he would shine. In the character there is a peculiar admixture of gentleness and irritability, of playfulness   and gravity, which will render the native difficult to deal with. It is a degree of EXECUTION.

19-20 deg Cancer
A man dressed as a groom, riding upon a spirited horse. 
It indicates a person of general aptitude, quick perception, steady mind and able body, who, in some secondary place, will serve the cause of truth: may be as a teacher, or as a priest, or one connected with the Church. Success in life is shown, but not pre-eminence. The life, while useful, will be obscure. It is a degree of SERVICE.

20-21 deg Cancer
A waning moon, amid a bank of clouds, dimly, reveals a ship at sea, but all   disabled.
It indicates a person of roving, unsettled habits, whose ill-fortune will lead him to many pursuits in quest of wealth, but who eventually will be badly placed, and with little hope of improvement. It indicates that the native will have much aptitude and versatility, but not much perseverance or hopefulness, and this continually, passing from one bad thing to something worse, instead of improving that which he bolds. It is a degree of INSTABILITY.

21-22 deg Cancer
A man a sleep in the heat of the day; some implements beside him.
It denotes an unsuccessful person, whose indolence, lack of interest and energy, will prove the source of much misfortune. Yet the middle of his life will be bright and happy; only dreaming when he when he should be working, he will go to a sorry home in the evening of his life. It is a degree of INDOLENCE.

22-23 deg Cancer
A man standing upon a mountain with a staff in his hand. The setting sun shows his figure in relief.
It indicates a person of aspiring tendencies, fond of adventure and doing hardy things. In some respects a unique character and, may be, a striking personality. One who, by some effort of his own, will attract attention in the latter years of his life, not by any learning or invention, but by prowess or the use of his natural powers. The native may show a strong tendency to mountaineering or to geographical discovery, and will be a great   pedestrian. He will be in great danger during the middle of his career, and will eventually triumph over obstacles, and avoiding dangers will terminate his life extremely well. It is a degree of ELEVATION.

23-24 deg Cancer
A strong castle on a high rock, and upon the battlements of the castle of flag with a crown upon it is seen extended in the wind.
It denotes a strong, masterly character of great endurance, stability and daring; ambitious of honor and capable of withstanding his enemies while achieving greatness and fame for himself. It is a degree of MASTERY.

24-25 deg Cancer
A horseman armed, moving across a dessert towards some woody hills.
It indicates a person of much independence of spirit, self-willed and daring. Such is capable of carrying out designs conceived by himself without the aid or companionship of others. He may be a pioneer; it is certain he is venturesome and self-reliant; and where such qualities may have influence, he will succeed and be singular in honor as in action. The native will be somewhat estranged from his kindred; taciturn and self-contained; but will make his mark in some field of work requiring independence of spirit, courage and perseverance. It is a degree of SELFRELIANCE.

25-26 deg Cancer
A meteor, or falling star.
It denotes a person of somewhat poetical or aesthetic nature, but wholly unsuited to the routine of daily life in its sterner and more prosaic aspects. Like the meteor, he has an eccentric path, and his appearances are spasmodic and evanescent, although bright. His position in life will be always subject to reversals and changes and his success will not be lasting. If he should attain to eminence he will be in danger of a fall. It is a degree of UNCERTAINTY.

26-27 deg Cancer
A well-conditioned heifer standing to the plough.
It indicates a person who will owe his success in life to uses imposed upon him by others of greater will and intelligence. It shows a docile and tractable spirit, capable of patient service under the direction or initiative of others; much silent force and endurance, but little self-assertion, originality, or ambition. As a servitor this native will succeed, but would not need to be urged, for both nature and inclination are adapted to patient work. It is a degree of DOCILITY.

27-28 deg Cancer
A beautiful scene of the country, wherein all the elements conspire to enchant the eye and hold the spirit in a mood of silent adoration.
It indicates a nature of extreme susceptibility to the influence of the natural forces; a kind, harmonious and devotional nature; extremely attractive, gentle and thoughtful. It shows one capable of sustained sympathies, of patient and peaceful mood, pure instincts and elevated mind. The native will be fond of the open country and the beauties of Nature in every one of its many and changeful aspects. It may induce a taste for horticulture or farming. It is a degree of HARMONY.

28-29 deg Cancer
A tethered horse, upon which a tiger is covertly approaching.
It indicates a person of docile and tractable nature, combined with a certain subtlety of mind and high order of intelligence. One who will be held in restraint by others, or whose freedom will be taken by the hand of Fate and the force of circumstances. Although thus held in check, the native will be subject to dangers of an unknown character from secret enemies and jealous foes, and will be in peril of an untimely end. It is a degree of forced RESTRAINT.

29-30 deg Cancer
A young horse running across a field with a leading cord in trail; it lifts its head against the breeze and sniffs the air.
It denotes a person of much intelligence, ardent spirits, somewhat willful and daring nature; having a great love of freedom, contempt for public opinion, and much self-reliance. The mind is quick and alert, but somewhat untamable and willful, and the emotions are apt to run away with the reason. There is, however, a good deal of intuitive judgment in the native, and this degree gives a keen sense of justice, a warm passionate nature, strong will, little self-restraint and much insight into human   character. It is a degree of FREEDOM.

0-1 deg Leo
There stands a lion upon an elevation looking towards a rising sun.
It denotes a person of extreme dignity of character, with much self-reliance, fearlessness, nobility and freedom of nature; an ambitious person and somewhat jealous of honor, being much subject to praise and flattery. The native will be apt in the government of others, and equally so in self-control; but unless the heart be kind, the native will be a mere pompous tyrant. It is a degree at DIGNITY.

1-2 deg Leo
A pennant or streamer, such as is used by mariners to indicate the course of the wind.
It denotes a person of an extremely vacillating and uncertain disposition; weak. minded, and subject to be driven about from one opinion to another; generally moved by consent to prevailing sentiment, and incapable of any firm and independent decision. The native will be liable to experience strange caprices of fortune; and will wander, with many a change of object, from one place to another, but little permanence for good will be assured to him. At times exceedingly hopeful, and anon depressed and nervous, the native will make little headway or progress. It is a degree of WEAKNESS.

2-3 deg Leo
A wave-Line of nebulous light, obscured by a cloud in the midst.
It denotes a person of elastic and undeveloped mind, uncertain principles, liable to lead to license and moral turpitude. The native will lead a somewhat irregular life, and will be generally inconsequent and unreliable in his actions. Much of the obscurity into which this person will be at from time to time will be due to the unfledged condition of the mind, and the misdirection, through ignorance, of the moral faculty. It is a degree of WANDERING.

3-4 deg Leo
A cat upon the watch for prey.
It denotes a person of the most prudent, circumspect, and patient mind; capable of sustaining great fatigue in the accomplishment of his desires; a mind gifted with much diplomacy, suavity, self-restraint, and watchfulness; keen in observing but slow to draw conclusions; capable when aroused, of much malice, but not of open anger. Firm in his attachments, a fast friend and unrelenting enemy. The native will succeed in life by dint of caution and perseverance. It is a degree of CURCUMSPECTION.

4-5 deg Leo
A snake coiled around a free, its head raised, ready to strike.
It denotes a person of scientific powers and, learning in the subtle arts; one who is capable of carrying out the most elaborate researches with patience and intelligence of the highest order. Withal there is within the mind of the native a certain degree of cupidity and cunning, which, wisely directed, will be of great service in daily life. There is also a keen sense of rivalry and competition , a love of personal adventure, which the native will use in a very subtle manner. Generally speaking, the native is acute, cunning, cautions, and very intelligent; but jealous and envious, and to be warily dealt with on that account. There is moderate success in life shown. It is a degree of SUBTLETY.

5-6 deg Leo
Two crossed swords above a gauntlet, forming an escutcheon.
It denotes a person of a proud, martial nature, with considerable tastes for athletics, deeds of daring and prowess, contests, feats of arms, and the like. Somewhat given to argument and contention. ever ready to rush into disputes regardless of danger. The native will succeed as a soldier, or in active service requiring courage and strength; but will be liable to some reverses of fortune following upon undue self-assertion. It is a degree of PROWESS.

6-7 deg Leo
A scepter, on the orest of which shines a diamond like a magnificent star.
The native is born to power, eminence, fame. He will, by the use of his many talents, supplemented by a powerful will, rise to a foremost position in his sphere of life. There is in the character a large amount of courage, nobility, energy and endurance, and the free use of such qualities will; under a benign fate, bring the native into a field of life where he will be a central figure. It is a degree of SUPERIORITY.

7-8 deg Leo
An aureole of clouds, in the midst of which appears a triangle of flame, and an eye within the triangle.
It denotes a person of exalted nature, gifted with spiritual faculties, by means of which he will attain to some degree of eminence in things devoted to the fiery art, and likewise will be distinguished in matters of a spiritual nature. The mind is just, aspiring and noble; hopeful, full of the divine fire of a worthy ambition; intuitive, but not logical, yet ever intense and sincere. It is a degree of ARDOUR.

8-9 deg Leo
A fine chateau, with gardens and terraces. In the foreground a peacock in full feather struts leisurely.
It denotes a person of tasteful, but luxurious habits; one who will spend much upon mere show, and will depend much upon appearances to the neglect of more desirable uses. Together with these characteristics, there is a great deal of pride, which in the uneducated may run to ostentation and snobbishness. Yet, in any sphere of life the native will be fortunate among his compeers. It is a degree of DISPLAY.

9-10 deg Leo
An oak tree broken by the wind, and beneath is the skeleton of some dead creature.
It denotes one whose chief ambitions will not come to completion; but, either through disaster or untimely death, ‘will be prematurely brought to naught. To whomsoever this degree may appertain, the warning goes forth :—build not for the future, but for eternity, for it is very nigh; and if thou sowest aught, make no count of the harvest, for the seasons are not to thy hand; yet both sow and build for the greater good, and work in hope! In character the native will be versatile, somewhat morose and despondent, but strong in trial; and giving shelter even to the worthless out of pure goodwill. It is a degree of PERIL.

10-11 deg Leo
A man and woman are seated at a table, whereon viands and wine are lavishly abundant.
It indicates a person of a very sensuous nature, addicted to extravagant habits, and apt to be easily led into dissolute ways by ill-chosen companions. There is a very little firmness or strength in the native, though the disposition is genial, kind and sociable. The instinctual sense, however, is stronger than the moral sense, and therein lies danger of self-debasement and loss of virtue. It is a degree. of SELF-INDULGENCE.

11-12 deg Leo
A fine bull, of a white color, grazing in the shade of a large true which stands in a park.
The person denoted by this degree will lead a quiet and successful life, and will either be born into large estates, or will join such by marriage in character, the native will be steadfast, firm, independent, very reserved, benevolent, yet outwardly forbidding, patient, and cautious. This degree is one of ADVANTAGE.

12-13 deg Leo
A jutting rock, upon which some tufts of grass hold a thin, but certain existence.
It indicates a person of firm and steadfast character; one who will resolutely hold to his own beliefs and principles, though it be to his disadvantage. In some ways the mind will be precocious and there will he some degree of self assertion shown; but, whatever the native may determine upon as the right thing to do will assuredly be done if within the compass of resolute striving. It is a degree of CONSTANCY.

14-15 deg Leo
A broken wheel lies upon the ground, while a horse grazes near by.
It indicates one of small resources, little power of invention, and not much executive ability. The native is very laissez faire, and drifts too easily through life; and this want of direction will be apt to lead him into evil conditions. The native may be fortunate, but it is certain that he will not retain his wealth owing to his own fault. It is a degree of AIMLESSNESS.

14-15 deg Leo
A figure like the angel of the Sun (Michael), standing erect, and striking the earth with the point of a dazzling sword.
It indicates a person of very superior ability in some special direction; one in whom the power of government will reside; a mind somewhat ambitious, but conscious of its own powers which are of no common order so that no unjust advantage is taken. In some sphere of life the native be an imposing figure, or may do something which may call for wide recognition. Fame and power attend this degree. It is one of SUPERIORITY.

15-16 deg Leo
A ram standing upon a barren rock, pawing the ground.
It indicates a person of a head strong and rash disposition, extremely given to impulse; difficult to restrain; a formidable opponent and a warm-hearted,, generous friend. The native is effusive, enthusiastic and restless, but capable of subsisting upon small fare and in all probability he will be poor though in some sense eminent. It is a degree of IMPULSE.

16-17 deg Leo
A man riding a camel with attendants following.
It denotes one who will be noted for his wide and prolonged travels. One whose life will be beset with dangers of a physical nature; one who will leave a humble home and become a prominent figure in a foreign country. The character is stubborn, persevering, very vindictive and revengeful; not ungrateful but never forgetting injuries. The native will be somewhat fond of parade and self-advertisement, and in the end will be highly successful in life. It is a degree of JOURNEYING.

17-18 deg Leo
A bright mirror in which the Sun’s rays are reflected.
It denotes a person of extremely brilliant and powerful intellect, who will make his mark in the world by means of his learning and assimilating the ideas of others, but on the other band he will be equally apt in original inventions and brilliant schemes. The nature is sympathetic, kind and generous, and will be admired for his good deeds. It is a degree of SHINING.

18-19 deg Leo
A man running in the face of a strong wind, but making little headway. His garments fly in tatters behind him.
It indicates one of small wit and lacking in executive power and originality of thought. One who will nevertheless set himself against public opinion and incur, severe criticism and loss thereby. There is in the nature a certain foolish pride and obstinacy which is wholly unallied to anything of originality or distinctive merit. It is a degree of FOOLISHNESS.

19-20 deg Leo
A crescent moon joined to a shining star.
It denotes that the native will have many changes in life and will eventually become eminent through his association with some person of high rank and merit. The native will be gifted with a powerful imagination, much versatility and keen intuition. He will travel to distant countries, and will become eminent for his own mental brilliancy, apart from his associations, which however will be the means of his success. It is a degree of DISTINCTION.

20-21 deg Leo
A human face surmounted by a coiled serpent; a raised hand also appears.
It Indicates not only a powerful and commanding nature, but a keen understanding of the laws of life; much introspection and knowledge of human nature; strong sympathies; much discretion; careful balance of power and effort; intuition and foresight, as well as diplomacy of no mean order. The native will have strong powers of concentration, good memory, and will be successful in commanding others, through his insight into character. It is a degree of PENETRATION.

21-22 deg Leo
A nest of young birds, over which a hawk is seen hovering.
It denotes that the native is his own enemy, and that he will suffer through want of care in his actions. Apart from this, which arises from a certain native innocence. he will be in danger of injuries in his own house and through his own kindred. The life is fraught with dangers of an incendiary character, and he should avoid risks of personal injury as much as possible. In business or profession he will be supplanted. It is a degree of INJURY.

22-23 deg Leo
A bright, pale blue star, shining over a clear lake.
It indicates one of a quick, refined, and well-trained intelligence, who will gain distinction by his mental powers. The nature will be peaceful, harmonious, and beneficent. The mind is highly intuitive, and capable of lofty and sustained flights. Withal there is a good knowledge of character and a quiet but potent reserve of diplomatic power. The native will shine like a star in his sphere of life, and will have many followers. It is a degree of INTELLIGENCE.

23-24 deg Leo
A man felling a tree.
It indicates a person capable of enduring long and hard work. A humble and unambitious mind, of large sympathies, and warm feelings; much attached to rustic things and to the wild habits of the woodland life. One who sees good and finds contentment in the rudest work, so long as it be manly and productive of current necessaries. It denotes a person of an ingenious and rugged mind, harsh manners, but soft heart. A good friend. It is a degree of SIMPLICITY.

24-25 deg Leo
A reversed triangle upon a red ground.
It denotes a person of a very passionate and emotional nature, who will suffer through the allurements of the other sex, and at some time in his life will be liable to suffocation or drowning. The native will certainly be in danger through the watery element. The fortunes will be in danger of reversal, and that through the passionate nature of the native. The nature is incapable of any steady effort, and is, in short, as soft and unstable as water. It is a degree of INSTABILITY.

25-26 deg Leo
A thick wood at the back of a field, in which is a man ploughing with an ox.
It indicates a person of laborious habits, very much attached to the country life, and a close student of nature. The mind is retiring and modest, very intelligent, and gifted with patience and firmness, capable of sustaining close researches or yet heavy labors of a purely physical kind. The native will be fortunate, but never very rich or very prominent. It is a degree of STEADFASTNESS.

26-27 deg Leo
A dagger.
This is an ominous sign ! It may mean danger to the native at the hands of an enemy, or, yet more unhappily, it may mean the reverse of this. The native will certainly be of a quarrelsome, argumentative nature; given over to impulsive actions. A restless and destructive mind, always on the alert to attack, to oppose, to argue. Very executive, but by no means constructive in disposition, and hence liable to go through life like a tornado, remarked but not esteemed. It is a degree of DESTROYING.

27-28 deg Leo
Two hands linked in a close grip of friendship.
It denotes a person of a very amiable and sociable nature, filled with concord and goodwill towards his fellows. A rich, unselfish nature, ca a e of those little greatnesses in daily life which make a man beloved, if not remarkable. It is probable that the native will be instrumental in forming some large associations for social cooperation, or intellectual improvement. The native is essentially constructive, harmonizing and humane. It is a degree of SUSTAINING.

28-29 deg Leo
Two golden circles joined by a blue ribbon tied in a double bow.
It denotes one of a kind, benevolent nature, who will be fortunate in marriage, and may marry twice. The native is a lover of peace and concord; an idealist; embodying two lives in one; a researcher in celestial things. He will make many and sincere friends. His life will be useful, lovable and sincere. He will attain his ambitions, and will end his days in peace. It is a degree of UNION.

29-30 deg Leo
A dog in poor condition stands whining and cringing.
It indicates a person of a narrow, servile disposition, given to complaining and lamenting, instead of acting and achieving. A nature self-centered and morose, of no great comfort to its owner or of use to others. It is a degree of INDIGENCE.

0-1 deg Virgo
A festival or occasion for the assembling together of villagers in gala costume.
It denotes a person of a sociable, friendly and flexible nature; capable of adapting itself to its environment; having a strong taste for pleasures of various kinds, luxuries, festivities, etc. It promises friendships and good fortune to the native, who will be much esteemed for his convivial spirit. It is a degree of FEASTING.

1-2 deg Virgo
A solitary rock jutting up from a waste of sand.
It indicates one of much fixity, steadiness and gravity of character; inclined to agnosticism or atheism. Cold, mathematical, hard, and very just in his methods of thought, but lacking those emotional qualities which make of life something more vital than a problematical   theory. The native is somewhat indolent and wanting in direction and purpose; but there is a great power of resistance and endurance. The fortunes of the native will be poor, partly due to lack of executive ability on the side of the native, and partly to the conditions of birth and environment. A degree of POVERTY.

2-3 deg Virgo
A man in a skull-cap, busy at work with some scientific instruments.
It denotes a person of industrious habits; quick insight into natural laws; an investigator in the chemical or other scientific world; fond of experiment, eager in his undertakings, very hopeful, though during life will be hardly used at the hands of fortune. The native will, however, eventually succeed in his endeavors, and will assuredly reap the fruit of long and earnest labors. It is a degree of RESEARCH.

3-4 deg Virgo
A field of corn standing high and ripe.
It denotes a person of simple and rural habits, who will succeed in the cultivation of natural products, and in husbandry or farming. The mind, although simple, is full of the essential elements of the right thinking, and the nature is ripe with well-directed aspirations and endeavors. Such an one will live a useful and successful life, and will come to the length of his days in competence and peace. It is a degree of PRODUCE.

4-5 deg Virgo
A soldier prepared for battle.
It defines a man of ready spirit, quick to respond to the calls of duty and honor; a man of noble instincts and well disciplined habits: Such will prove a ready and willing friend and a redoubtable opponent. He will   succeed in life through his own executive powers, and the credit which falls to him will be well earned. It is a degree of EFFICENY.

5-6 deg Virgo
A man and a woman playing together, with fruits, flowers, and wine upon a table beside them.
It indicates a person of a joyous, youthful nature, full of animal spirits and mirthfulness; fond of all kinds of pleasures; seldom seriously disposed; endowed with some personal beauty and the qualities which make a cheerful companion and a successful lover. There is, however, very little stability in the nature, and no power to sustain courage under trial. Money will come readily to the hand, but it will go as quickly, leaving its scars behind. It is a degree of PLEASURE.

6-7 deg Virgo
A man and woman standing with their backs to one- another.
It denotes a person of reserved and bashful disposition; not unsociable, but awkward in the presence of others, particularly so with the opposite sex. The native will be indifferent to marriage, or will have troubles therein. The affections are very sincere, the mind pure and chaste, and the disposition kind and generous. The manner, however, is retired, cautious, sensitive and delicate. It is a degree of MODESTY.

7-8 deg Virgo
A woodland scene, at the back of which there stands a tower upon a hill.
It indicates a person of free, open and generous spirit; frank and natural mind; with a strong taste for natural beauties; exalted ideals; contemplative nature. The native will have some inclination to mountain climbing or to the ascent of high places. It denotes success in life of a quiet order, and a retired old age. It is a degree of CONTEMPLATION.

8-9 deg Virgo
A stagnant pool filled with weeds and rank verdure.
It denotes a person of an indolent and wasteful character, prone to let duties slide and to procrastinate with further indicates that the native will form an alliance with a female, which will be to his detriment. In general, the native will be unfortunate, his marriage especially degree of STAGNATION.

9-10 deg Virgo
A bag of money upon a table, near to which ; stands a dark woman masked.
It denotes a person of a fortunate nature, who will attract both friends and money. The latter will come to his hand as birds to the net of the snare. But, see! he will not know how to use it, and it will become a source of danger to him through the machinations of a woman. In character the   native will be sociable and generous; weak-willed, but highly industrious and fortunate. Apt in business, but with small knowledge of the deeper levels of human cupidity and passion, hence liable to be victimized. It is a degree of SEDUCTIVE FORTUNE.

10-11 deg Virgo
A man’s hand, with the index finger pointing upward as if in command.
It denotes a nature of the most high utility. A flexible nature, capable of fulfilling many and various positions in life; a generous and kind disposition; a high order of intelligence; always seeking after the uses of things; ingenious, inventive; one who will succeed in life, and will have many tributes to his intelligence and usefulness. It is a degree of UTILITY.

11-12 deg Virgo
A woman blindfold, and a man leading her.
It denotes a person of a weak yet seductive nature, one who will have much influence upon the other sex, and who may be led into dangerous relations with them, so that the life may be compared only to a tangled skein in which the complications are more various than the materials which enter into them. It is a degree of ENTANGLEMENT.

12-13 deg Virgo
A broad tract of open fields under the moon’s rays; a river winds its way through them.
It denotes that the life of the native will be calm, joyous, tranquil and useful. In character the native will be gentle, peaceful, obliging, calm, not forceful, but exerting an influence of a very effective kind which persuades through harmony. The native will be very romantic and imaginative, and will favor the fine arts, music, poetry, painting, etc. The life will be fortunate. It is a degree of HARMONY.

13-14 deg Virgo
A man mining in the rock with a pickaxe.
It denotes a person of practical and unimaginative nature; a negationist or agnostic; a man of the people; laborious, honest, and just. The life of the native will be of a sedentary nature, occupied in hard work to little personal profit. There will be exposure to accidents and danger to life and limb thereby. The native will not care foe supremacy or advancement, and will follow along the track made by others, devoid of worldly ambition. It is a degree of SERVICE.

14-15 deg Virgo
A beautiful woman nesting two doves upon her breast, one in each hand.
It indicates a person of the most tender and humane instincts, imbued with gentleness, love and devotion; capable of service in the meanest capacity, providing it to be an office of usefulness to others. The native will be remarkable for his womanly tenderness and gentleness. His life will be successful, but on account of his timidity, he will be in danger of being pushed into the background at critical junctures, and will thus lose credit where it will often be due to him. It is a degree of DEVOTION.

15-16 deg Virgo
Several men in festive attire assembled together are talking.
It indicates a person of sociable and versatile character, having strong humane feelings and sympathetic mind; one who will make many friends and will have some considerable benefits from associations formed casually. Without attempting it, the native will be most successful in the bringing together of persons mutually advantageous one to another. It is a degree of ASSOCIATION.

16-17 deg Virgo
An old man cutting grapes in a vineyard.
It denotes a person of an industrious, watchful and prudent nature, who will work with an eye to the future, and will exercise providence over his means. In old age he will reap the reward of a steadfast industry, and gather in the fruits of foresight and care. It is a degree of PRUDENCE.

17-18 deg Virgo
An old white-headed man surrounded by happy children.
It denotes to the native a long and happy life; an old age invested with the comforts of homely affection. It endows the native with a kind, benevolent and fatherly interest in his fellows, especially those of tender years. He will be much beloved, and will end his days in prosperity and peace. It is a degree of GUARDIANSHIP.

18-19 deg Virgo
A husbandman or cattle-dealer holding a stock-whip in his hand.
It indicates a rough and rustic nature, with a taste for excitement of the chase, or for the breeding of cattle. The nature is rugged, but genuine; lacking in suavity; critical, but invested with unequivocal sincerity, which will cause him to be respected. The native will prefer country life and its freedom to the more varied but less thorough liberties of the town.. It is a   degree of ROBUSTNESS.

19-20 deg Virgo
Two men fencing with swords. A man in black stands aside watching them.
The native is born with a predisposition to disputes and quarrels and he will be involved in some fracas in a foreign country or with a foreigner. He will be further liable to hurts from secret enemies, and his life will be overshadowed by a melancholy fate. It is a degree • of FIGHITING.

20-21 deg Virgo
A men carrying a money bag in each hand.
The native will be of a penurious~ acquisitive, and mercenary nature; always counting the cost of all he does, and looking well to it that whatever be performs shall first be remunerative; then, if possible (though this is not important), just. He will acquire wealth by easy means, and will indulge in some very notable speculations. It is a degree of COVETOUSNESS.

21-22 deg Virgo
A well-favored woman, but of evil aspect, stands before a mirror.
It denotes a person of a sensuous and worldly nature, very susceptible to flattery; vain, easily led away, and in great danger of a downfall. Unless the native urges a strong moral resistance to his instincts he will incur shame and dishonor through his alliances with the opposite sex. The same applies mutatis mutandis to a female. It Is a degree of SENSUOUSNESS.

22-23 deg Virgo
A ship in full sail.
It indicates a person of a roving and fanciful nature, always on the alert for some new experience, a new sensation, an d of romance and danger therein. The native will travel to foreign countries and will either become a sailor or will gain his reputation and means of subsistence by work connected with the sea. It is a degree of ROVING.

23-24 deg Virgo
A man sitting naked upon a sea-girt rook, covering his eyes with his hands.
It denotes a person of misanthropic spirit and unsociable disposition, who will be estranged from his kindred and may be exiled or outcast from his country. In addition, the native will be short-sighted or have some moral obliquity. so that be will incur severe troubles through this defect in various ways. It is a degree of LONELINESS.

24-25 deg Virgo
Crossed swords, over which is seen a crown.
It indicates a person of a military, aggressive character, and who will take things by force and cut his way through life by dint of energy and executive ability. He will have many and powerful enemies, but will overcome them. Yet peace will not abide with the man of war, and the native, while gaining fame, will lose his happiness in life. It is a degree of AGGRESSION.

25-26 deg Virgo
Two women walking together with linked arms talking confidentially.
It denotes a person of a sociable, kind, sympathetic and cordial nature, who will attract many sincere friends of both sexes, and by means of them will prosper. In mature years the native is destined to preside over a united and happy home. It is a degree of CONCORD.

26-27 deg Virgo
A broken hammer or mallet, lying upon a, carpenter’s bench.
It denotes a person of a peculiarly incapable nature, unhappy disposition, and a certain awkwardness in his bearing. He will suffer ills through want of practical ness and executive power, and by reason of his backwardness will be liable to be victimized and deceived by the more active and wary. It is a degree of BLUNTNESS.

27-28 deg Virgo
A wide-branching tree laden with fruit.
It denotes a person of a full, rich and generous disposition, superior intelligence, industrious and husbandly habits, predestined to success in life by reason of inherent merits. He will gain many friends and have a large family. Whatever else is needful to success and peace of mind will fall to him. It is a degree of FRUITFULNESS.

28-29 deg Virgo
A man attired as a cardinal of the church.
It denotes one of a quick and energetic nature, short temper, reclusive habits; highly imaginative and capable of much creative work; inclined to religion of a ceremonial nature; subject to spells of sensuousness, but of strong self-commanding faculty. Its a degree of ECCLESIASTICISM.

29-30 deg Virgo
A man standing, either headless, or with the head shrouded in black cloth.
It denotes a person of a very melancholy disposition and eccentric mind, a searcher of secret things, and fond of midnight studies; a recluse. It threatens the native with some mental affection, or danger of wounds in the head. The native will have to exercises great care in his mental efforts or he will end his days in chaos and confusion of mind. It is a degree of OBSCURATION.

0-1 deg Libra
A man with a drawn sword in an aggressive attitude.
It denotes a person of martial and quarrelsome character, ever ready to pick a quarrel and to rush into danger. Such an one will fight his way through life with little regard to the feelings and prejudices of others, and though he may become notorious for his executive readiness, he will meet with disgrace and trouble through his impetuosity. There is danger of a fatality at the bands of the native. He will do well to keep his action under control. It is a degree of WOUNDING.

1-2 deg Libra
A man in the garb of a doctor of the monastic order (misericordia).
It denotes a person of kindly and humane disposition. but very melancholic and predisposed to religious mania. The native will possess a high order of intellect, capable of investigating the laws of the most recondite sciences; inclined to spiritual pursuits and to the monastic life. It is a degree of SEARCHING.

2-3 deg Libra
A man in chains.
It denotes a person of reticent and self-centered character, disposed to take life according to his own views and beliefs. He will suffer much in consequence, and will be estranged from his people; will be often in distress for the means of a livelihood and will at some time in his life be deprived of his freedom. It is a degree of BINDING.

3-4 deg Libra
A man with a broken plough standing in an open field.
It indicates a person of fair abilities, but one who will suffer from lack of opportunity in life. He will be debarred from reaping the fruits due to him by reason of misfortune and hindrance in the earl y stages of his worldly career. He will more than once lose his office, and will be reduced to the necessity of menial work. His life will be difficult and troublesome. He will have a taste for farming or for cultivation in some form. It is a degree of PRIVATION.

4-5 deg Libra
A red triangle.
It indicates a person of high intelligence and lofty aspirations but very prone to the use of force instead of persuasion. A man who is always getting in front of himself, so to speak, losing his temper against his desire, and letting his energies run away with his reason. He will be in danger of hurt by the sword or by fire. He must be careful of the martial element. It Is a degree of IMPULSE.

5-6 deg Libra
A heifer drawing a plough, and urged by the goad.
It denotes one very unfortunate, who will be constrained to severe and hard work for a certain period of his life. The native is patient, enduring, and capable of much self-government. In the end he will assuredly reap the reward of his labors, It is a degree of LABOUR.

6-7 deg Libra
A naked man in the act falling from a rock into a lake.
It indicates a person of susceptible and weak nature, easily led away, and liable to be drawn to his destruction by the agency of the opposite sex. The native may attain to a high position in life, but whatever his position, he is in danger of an untimely fall. Let him take heed against the allurement. of the world. It is a degree of FALLING.

7-8 deg Libra
A young maiden weeping over a grave.
It denotes one of a melancholy and retiring nature, very sensitive, and of keen sympathies. The native will be in danger of early bereavement, and will at an early age be left devoid of family ties and friends. It is a degree of EFFACEMENT.

8-9 deg Libra
A gladiator, armed with dagger and shield, ready for the fray.
It indicates a person of quick, impetuous, quarrelsome, and aggressive nature, who will cause many disputes in life on account of his Irascible disposition, and will make many enemies. The native will be in danger of losing his life while engaged in sonic affray or quarrel, and should know bow to forefend himself by self-command, which Is the greatest of all conquests. It is a degree of FIGHTING.

9-10 deg Libra
A prison, door, fitted with iron spikes, and framed with iron girders.
It indicates a person of vicious tendencies, which will lead him into dangers of the gravest kind. He will suffer restraint or imprisonment, or will lead a life of forced seclusion. He will not escape open criticism, and misfortune will press heavily upon him: yet even the caged bird will sing, and to every prison house there Is a way out. It is a degree of SECLUSION.

10-11 deg Libra
A centaur-half man, half horse-armed with bow and arrow.
It denotes a person of a subtle and changeful nature, capable of simulating the virtues and vices of others from motives of diplomacy. The native will be alternately impelled to paths high endeavor and to those of debasing instinct. The father of the native will die early or will be unknown to him. It is a degree of ALTERNATION.

11-12 deg Libra
A fait woman looking at her face in a hand glass.
It denotes a person of a frivolous and lighthearted disposition, improvident and foolish, neither regarding the future nor profiting by the past: laughing in the face of fate, and closing the eyes to experience: ‘self-centered and worldly. The native will come by much misfortune, but will flaunt his colors to the end of a foolish career. It is a degree of FOOLISHNESS.

12-13 deg Libra
A pillar of black marble standing upon a rock, roughly hewn.
It denotes a person of peculiar and sometimes melancholy and misanthropic nature: apt to contract false or unprofitable relations with his fellows and with the opposite sex. The native will make a bad match, and will be unfortunate in wedlock, with probable separation. The native, in centering .his affections upon one object, will be liable to disappointment in life. It is a degree of SOLITARINESS.

13-14 deg Libra
A mummer’s mask.
It denotes a person of a subtle nature, capable of simulating the character of others, and given to mimicry and imitation: not always sincere, and apt even to deceive himself in matters relating to the emotions and feelings. The native has natural aptitude for theatricals, especially comedy, and is capable of much foolishness and flattery. If a female, a coquette. It is a degree of IMITATION.

14-15 deg Libra
A man walking with two women, their arms linked in his.
It denotes a person of untrustworthy nature: frivolous, insincere, capable of duplicity: of a light, joyous spirit, sometimes running away with the reason The native will be given to self-indulgence, and to the flattery of women. There will be trouble in love affairs and in marriage. It is a degree of VACILLATION.

15-16 deg Libra
An iceberg, at the back of which is seen a display of the aurora borealis.
It denotes a person of immense reserve forces, of much activity, energy and brilliance: a quick, alert and original mind, which will win for the native sonic distinctive honors. The native will be disposed to travel to distant northern countries, and may explore arctic regions or pursue electrical science. It is a degree of FORCE.

16-17 deg Libra
An old door in which a dagger is stuck.
It denotes a person who has a critical and quarrelsome nature, apt to find fault with the opinions of others for the sake of controversy: striking at existing systems and laws even when unable to improve upon them. A mocking, taunting spirit, which will bring upon the native a series of   troubles in life.. Eventually he will be convinced of his foolishness by the strong hand of retribution. It Is a degree of FOLLY.

17-18 deg La Volasfera
A well-lighted house with open door.
It denotes a person of hospitable and homely nature, ever ready with the best of fare to entertain friends and acquaintances. The native will grow to be much beloved for his open handed ness and sincerity of feeling. He will be both prosperous and happy, and will rejoice in the company of his friends. It is a degree of HOSPITALITY.

18-19 deg La Volasfera
A square block of marble, upon which is the regalia of scepter and crown.
It denotes a person of proud, ambitious nature: desiring to be held in esteem, and possessed of such force and firmness of character that he will triumph over his rivals and opponents. In whatever station of life he may be, the native will evince the characteristics of rulership and government, and will sway the destinies of others. It is a degree of RULERSHIP.

19-20 deg Libra
A man in the robe of a priest standing in the cloister beneath the light of a window.
It denotes a person of sincere, religious tendencies: a taste for ecclesiastical work, in which he will probably indulge. The life will be quiet, peaceful and free from much of event, perhaps secluded. The native will have protection and favor from persons of high position and intellectual dignity. It is a degree of RELIGION.

20-21 deg Libra
A bridge in a broken and dilapidated condition spanning over the dry bed of a river.
It denotes a person of an unpractical nature, serving in positions for which he is not qualified, and making little or no progress in life. His resources will run dry at short notice: he will be deserted by friends: will serve in a lowly position: will form projects only to see them fall through   one after another and generally will work along a false trail. It is a degree of COLLAPSE.

21-22 deg Libra
A man asleep by Ike side of some money-bags.
It denotes a person of little vigilance: much given to self. indulgence: wanting either in sense of duty, or in energy to fulfill it. The native will lose heavily on account of his carelessness, false sense of   safety and want of caution. He will live much in the memory of the past and in dreams of the future, being the while oblivious to the demands of present duties. It is a degree of CARELESSNESS.

22-23 deg Libra
An old man in a own and skull cap like a doctor, surrounded by   chemical and other instruments.
It denotes a person of careful, systematic, and patient observation: much inclined to the study of science, especially chemistry medicine, or alchemy. A researcher in the secrets of Nature, given to the careful and   accurate tabulation of results which will prove of use to science, and by this means the native will gain for himself certain distinction and honor. It is a degree of RESEARCH.

23-24 deg Libra
A solitary tree upon a rocky height, behind which is a dark and threatening cloud.
It denotes a person of much independence of spirit, self-confidence, pride, and no little love of distinction. The native will suffer on account of his isolated feelings, and will be in danger of betrayal by the machinations of perfidious enemies. At a time when he has reached a height of isolated distinction, he will fall under the jealous hand of his enemies. It is a degree of PRIDE.

24-25 deg Libra
An elevated promontory, illumined by the noonday sun and crowned with many and variously colored flowers.
It indicates a nature that is prone to self-conceit, amenable to flattery, proud in heart but light-headed and trifling in many relationships of life. It may confer considerable personal charm and attractiveness, and will render its subject the recipient of many of fortune’s favors. It is a degree of ELEVATION.

25-26 deg Libra
A strong man mailed and plumed, with couched lance, ready for attack; a knight of the field.
It denotes one who will be steadfast in defense of his rights and those of his country, ever ready for the fray of daily life, and possessed of a courage and determination which, together with his alertness and caution, will give him the victory over all his enemies, It is a degree of VICTORY.

26-27 deg Libra
A rustic cottage, overarched by a spreading a cedar tree.
It indicates a nature that is attuned to works of benevolence and homely simplicity, careful in the affairs of daily life, solicitous of peace and comfort, and ever ready to shelter, befriend and succor the wayside traveler without neglect of those within his doors. It is a degree of BENEVOLENCE.

27-28 deg Libra
An ass tethered to the shaft of a grinding mill.
It indicates a nature that is inured to arduous and homely work; one who will pursue the beaten track of an unambitious life with but slight regard to his own limitations and still less to the wider projects and life of others. It is a degree of SERVITUDE.

28-29 deg Libra
A dark pool of water in the shadow of dense foliage,
It indicates a disposition towards a quiet and ineffectual life; a nature that is ambitionless and effortless, disposed to a gloomy fatalism which renders the life insipid and melancholy. Yielding without reason and showing adaptability without purpose, the nature will be devoid of any degree of brilliance and the life will be rendered obscure. It is a degree of GLOOM.

29-30 deg Libra
A man sleeping upon a bundle of clothes. Over him hovers a vulture, while upon one side of him is a serpent ready to strike and on the other a   leopard in the act of springing.
It indicates a nature that is careless and imprudent; one who is foolishly oblivious to his environment, believing himself secure while yet he is surrounded by dangers, and given over to self-indulgence and untimely pleasures which will render him subject to misfortune and violence. It is a degree of INDIFIIRENCE.

0-1 deg Scorpio
A nomadic warrior, equipped with javelin and firearms.
It denotes a character that is ever ready for the fray, liable to become involved in many strife's and quarrels, and to resort to force rather than reason for his victories over others. Such an one is liable to become subject to the accusation of violence towards others, and will hardly pass through life without wounding some one or more of his fellow-creatures. In body robust and in mind offensive to the peace of others he will not fail to make numerous enemies. It is a degree of OFFENCE.

1-2 deg Scorpio
A great headland over which the Sun is rising.
It Indicates one who is great and magnificent, imbued with feelings of magnanimity and reposeful strength. His opinions are lofty and elevated, his views wide as the seas, and his stability of purpose in all respects equal to his strength of mind. He looks forward to the future with confidence, and his hopes will not be frustrated. It is a degree of MAGNITUDE.

2-3 deg Scorpio
An old man seated beneath a shady tree, his head bowed in thought. A pilgrim.
This symbol is the index of one given to solitude and deep philosophic thought, a lover of the mysterious and abstruse. Impressed with the unreality of things around him and the changefulness of human relations, he is disposed to the study of eternal verities and feels in no need of companionship. He is not a misanthrope nor a pessimist, but he has a true perspective of lie and regards things and persons according to their true value. It is a degree of DISILLUSION.

3-4 deg Scorpio
A lyre, upon the arm of which there hangs a wreath of laurels.
This is indicative of a nature almost wholly given to the pursuit and cultivation of the fine arts. The mind is harmonious, generous and peaceable. The life will be free from disquieting and distressful elements, and the inherent harmony and refinement of this character will be reflected in all his works. He will strive by the use of the gentle arts as well as by the more liberal, to illustrate and interpret the finer emotions of the soul. In art or the drama he will meet with great distinction. It is a degree of SOUND.

4-5 deg Scorpio
A storm-swept prairie.
Free as the wind that blows will be the mind of him who shall answer to this degree of the circle. Violent withal and rash, he shall put forth much strength to no purpose, and the path of him will be marked by waste and extravagance. Fallen idols and desolated temples will be the outcome of his genius, and to destroy where he cannot build will appear his appear his aimless pursuit in life. Nevertheless in the end he will become himself the desecrated tomb of many forlorn and blighted hopes. It is a degree of WANTONNESS.

5-6 deg Scorpio
A great mound of earth and stones, on the summit of which there is a single flowering shrub.
It is the index of a mind that is given to carefulness in small things and attention to detail; whose heart is in his task; and whose soul is content with the simple fruits thereof. Such an one will build up a name and position for himself by dint of patient and laborious toil, whether in natural science or in the ordinary avocation of a commercial life, and in the end he will be sure of his due reward. It is a degree of CONTINUITY.

6-7 deg Scorpio
A man standing with his left foot upon the shoulder of a spade. A pickaxe lies upon the ground, and in his hand he holds a jewel which reflects the Sun’s rays.
This symbol denotes one who shall gain his position in the world by fortuitous means, and acquire considerable wealth by exploration and discovery. He may become a great trader in precious tones, a discoverer of rare minerals, or the pioneer of some undeveloped country. Such as may be his calling, he will have unusual success therein, and by means of his good   fortune will be raised to a position which he had never looked to enjoy. It is a degree of FORTUNE.

7-8 deg Scorpio
An archer shooting his arrows towards a flight of birds.
It indicates one who is restless, flighty, and indeterminate; effecting operations without design, using his forces at hazard, and frequently engaging in strife upon small occasion. In social life he will be disposed to be dissolute and disrespectful of convention, and will become involved in more love affairs than he will be able to manage successfully. Intensity, enthusiasm and nonchalance are the chief features of his character. It is a degree of INCONSEQUENCE.

8-9 deg Scorpio
A nest of young and unfledged birds lying upon the ground.
This symbol Is indicative of a childhood spent in adverse circumstances; and of a nature that may be in danger of degeneration through neglect in the earlier stages of its growth. Bereft of parents and guardians at an early age, the nature is doomed to self-assertion and effort, or else to desolation and despair. Obscure in origin, and reared among strangers, the nature is yet capable of attaining to considerable distinction. It is a degree of ORPHANAGE.

9-10 deg Scorpio
A man wearing a mash as in a play.
It denotes one whose character is never wholly expressed, but who is capable of simulating qualities and characteristics which are not proper to himself. The nature is taciturn, sarcastic, and critical; sometimes deceptive; and always capable of playing a part, whether it be for good or evil. Difficult to understand and to penetrate, the thought is yet more playful than malicious, and is capable of attracting friends and admirers without committing itself to any obligation. It is a degree of SIMULATION.

10-11 deg Scorpio
A hare seated upon a knoll above its burrow, behind it is the rising Moon.
It is the indication of a timorous and watchful nature, apprehensive of’ dangers that are not apparent and unmindful of those which are inevitable as the nightfall. Such an one is liable to be taken unawares and deceived in the chief affairs of life; and while showing astuteness in all that he has regard to, he will yet prove himself to be more watchful and cautious than wise and far-sighted. It is a degree of INSECURITY.

11-12 deg Scorpio
A small cottage surrounded by a thicket.
It is the index of a mind that is prudent and resourceful. provident and reserved. But it also shows one who is surrounded by enemies and liable to ambushes and deceit. This circumstance will unfortunately call forth all the lower and rueful faculties of the nature, and while rendering the person free from harm by such enemies will at the same time tend to degenerate the mind. It is a degree of SELF- DEFENCE.

12-13 deg Scorpio
A great and lonely tower rising from an eminence of rock.
It shows one of a powerful and independent nature, relying on his own counsel and capable of standing alone. A degree of taciturnity and reserve will add to the general inscrutability of the mind of this person, and dispose him to command the respect and regard of others. His position will be elevated, his success in life will be assured by his own innate strength, and his fortunes will remain untouched by the hand of change. It is a degree of’ STADILITY.

13-14 deg Scorpio
Two men seated at a table with beakers of wine before them.
It is an indication of a jovial and sympathetic nature, disposed to some degree of self-indulgence, and liable to indiscretions which will prove harmful to the fortunes. It augurs much liberality and frankness of mind, a kindly but weak nature, and a very intimate knowledge of human character. It is a degree of COMRADESHIP.

14-15 deg Scorpio
A bear sleeping beneath a tree around which is a swarm of bees.
This symbol indicates a mind that is slothful and inactive, relying on a false idea of the invariable necessity of things rather than upon his own efforts and disposed to take a fatalistic view of life. But both heaven and Earth conspire against him, and while he remains heedless of the busy workers all around him, the sweets of life also remain unknown to him; eventually he will be spurred into a blind and fruitless activity, and will suddenly be bereft of his natural powers. It is a degree of INDOLENCE.

15-16 deg Scorpio
A cup or goblet from which rays of ruddy light are emitted.
It is the index of a kind and benevolent nature; a generous and humane disposition; ever eager to befriend and comfort those who may be in distress of body or mind. The grandeur and spiritual loftiness of this soul will attract many friends, and the work of charity and benevolence will increase continually, gathering volume as it goes, till it reaches the ocean of human life, and enfolds all mankind. It is a degree of HUMANENESS.

16-17 deg Scorpio
A battered hulk lying upon the seashore.
It is the symbol of a life that is wrecked and battered about by the winds of adversity, a condition of misery and abandonment the most profound, The life will be a wandering and rudderless drifting upon troubled waters; and whether through his own fault or folly, or the yet more relentless hand of a most inimical fate, the fortunes will eventually be in danger of wreck and ruin, and the native will become a derelict from the great sea of life. It is a degree of ADANDONMENT.

17-18 deg Scorpio
A woman charming snakes, one of which is twined about her neck.
It is the index of a watchful, brave, but suspicious and jealous nature. Such an one will brave many dangers for the sake of mastery over the passions of others, and will be active in the attainment of the arts of conquest. Nevertheless it is probable that eventually the life will be endangered thereby, and, beyond the loss of power where it is most to be desired, the danger of a poisoned love, or a yet more sinister folly, will threaten to crush and obliterate this person. It is a degree of JEALOUSY.

18-19 deg Scorpio
A stiletto and tavola.
It is the index of a mind that is given to disputes and assaults, eager in contention and yet cautious in self-defense. Such an one will prove a formidable and untiring adversary, yet at the same time a convivial companion With a somewhat abnormal taste for the good things of life, a good trencherman, and a man of sharp wit, he will make friends easily; but his enemies will be equally numerous. Headstrong and quick-tempered, he will yet bear himself bravely and honorably in strife, and his enemies will have much respect for him, while his friends will hold him up as a champion. It is a degree of AVIDITY.

19-20 deg Scorpio
A Sun that is rising upon the ocean water.
This symbol is indicative of a mind that is given to restlessness and travel for the sake of discovery. The rising of the Sun is a symbol of elevation and coming honor, while the ceaseless motion of the waters denotes many changes and long voyages, especially in the direction of the Orient. There both fortune and distinction will a wait him and in some field of exploration and discovery he will become celebrated. It is a degree of ILLUMINATION.

20-21 deg Scorpio
A buffalo standing on an eminence paying the ground and snorting.
It is the symbol of a bold, independent and forceful nature, that knows either restraint nor law, and that will suffer great privations in order to maintain the semblance of freedom. It is a degree of INDEPENDENCE.

21-22 deg Scorpio
A cataract falling from one rocky ledge to another.
It is the index of a nature that is impelled by force of circumstances to precipitate and hazardous projects. A restless and impulsive mind, defective in foresight and never aware of danger till it is encountered. The life will be narrowed and confined, and so largely determined by the force of circumstances that it will be in danger of falling from one level to another until it is lost in obscurity and swallowed up in the sands of time. It is degree of COMPULSION.

22-23 deg Scorpio
A man sowing in the wind.
It is the index of a character that has little regard to the fitness of things, and is for that reason apt to waste his substance and dissipate his energies, continually occupying himself with vain and illusive projects; sowing where he has no advantage and constantly going counter to the opinions and advice of others. Such an one may lay hold of a fortune and it will be scattered, or being endowed with superior faculties he will use them to small advantage. It is a degree of DISSIPATION.

23-24 deg Scorpio
A man habited in rough clothes hewing timber close to a log hut.
It is the indication of a mind that is contented and laborious, peacefully employed in useful arts, and naturally adaptable to circumstances. He will fashion and shape a world of his own from materials which nature will supply in response to industry, and out of such rude elements he will eventually acquire a habitation and a name that will be handed down to future generations. Industry and stability will mark his character, while virtue and humility will adorn his soul. It is a degree of UTILITY.

24-25 deg Scorpio
A wolf standing upon the carcass of a horse.
It is the indication of a predatory and adventurous spirit, a mind that is avaricious and cunning, quick to perceive and enforce its owl advantage, but slow to cultivate the more useful and sociable habits of life. Such will lead a distressful and contentious life, and will not long enjoy the benefit of his conquests. He will snatch an advantage and will be forced to surrender it to others; and because of his selfishness his own friends will berail him. It is a degree of SEIZURE.

25-26 deg Scorpio
A man swimming in an angry sea.
It denotes a person of resolute and brave nature, reckless of danger and disposed to take great risks upon himself for the benefit of others. He will have a troublesome life, with many changes of fortune, and more than the usual amount of buffeting by the waves of adversity. Yet he will endure, and in spite of his disposition to help others at his own disadvantage he will meet with recognition, and even honor, as the leader of a forlorn hope. It isa degree of SACRIFICE.

26-27 deg Scorpio
A warrior plumed, haranguing a multitude of armed soldiers.
It denotes one who has a forceful and yet pliant mind, a persuasive tongue and a brave spirit. Such an one will lead others by the power of authority which is vested in reason and sustained by the ability of expression. From such a man an appeal is equivalent to a command, and an exhortation equal to a rebuke. He will undertake high duties and grave responsibilities in life and will largely be moved by a power that is within him, unrecognized but potent. It is a degree of PERSUASION.

27-28 deg Scorpio
A rocky eminence out of which is carved a cross in stone.
It stands against the rising sun as if haloed in divine light. It is the index of a nature that will give evidence of a superior faculty, and a disposition for spiritual and religious studies. The mind is firm and dependable, the tastes are monastic and austere, and the whole character luminous yet ponderable, faithful and reclusive. It is a degree of SECURITY.

28-29 deg Scorpio
A man seated at a table holding a pen. Before him are some pebbles on a sheet of paper.
This denotes a mind that is studious and of serious bent, delighting in the higher problems of the intellect, and disposed to the more serious studies, such as literature, science and especially mathematics. lie way become the originator of some new methods of computation, or the demonstrator of a new science. He will lead a sedentary life and fortune will at length wait upon him. It is a degree of FACULTY.

29-30 deg Scorpio
A woman in trailing robes waving a wand around which as coiled a serpent.
It is the index of a nature that is both clever and cunning; capable of asserting its power over others by persuasion or fascination. To such will be given some lofty command or position of trust, and success will be achieved by personal charm and magnetic power. It is a degree of ATTRACTION.

0-1 deg Sagittarius
A man lying upon a heap of stones by the roadside.
It is the index of a mind given to projects that are unprofitable and to dreams that lead to no practical result. The native’s associations will be controlled rather by caprice than prudence, and in the end his bed will be a hard one to lie upon. Nevertheless, his freedom of spirit and love of natural simplicity will reconcile him to much of hardship and privation. At heart he is content. it is a degree of PRIVATION.

1-2 deg Sagittarius
A man standing with drawn sword.
This indicates a character that is given to strife and aggression whether in assaults-at-arms or in polemics. He will lead a life of continual warfare, and litigation, and will be in danger of wounding and of being wounded. Wherever he goes he will make enemies and will be in peril of his life thereby. Armed, he is yet unshielded, and this is a challenge which even gods will not ignore. It is a degree of WOUNDING.

2-3 deg Sagittarius
The Goddess of Mercy enthroned.
It is the index of a nature that is humane; fruitful and full of good works. Beloved for works, as for inherent virtue, he will make many friends, and what of hardship be may endure, will be voluntarily undertaken for the sake of others. He will be attached to his home and family, but his sympathy will not be limited to its circle, but will extend beneficially in many directions. It is a degree of SYMPATHY.

3-4 deg Sagittarius
A soldier, holding a crossbow stands behind an embrasure.
It is a symbol of prudence and carefulness, allied to a certain degree of daring and love of combat. It is a nature that takes no risks, but while armed for the battle of life, makes full provision against its hazards, and is continually on the defensive. Reserved and cautious, the nature must be drawn out by circumstances, before it is fully appreciated; it is then found to be well equipped. It is a degree of PRUDENCE.

4-5 deg Sagittarius
A man of middle age watching over a cradle.
It is the index of a nature that is given to repining and solitude yet bound by ties of kinship or love to those who are either enfeebled or bereft of health and fortune. In this character there is a melancholy resignation to the decrees of destiny, and an uncomplaining submission to the wrongs of this world. Himself a sufferer in silence, he will be little able to help in removing the load of care from the brows of others, yet his fidelity and natural sympathy will prevent him from deserting them altogether. Such a person will suffer severe bereavements and sorrows. It is a degree of REPINING.

5-6 deg Sagittarius
A mill-wheel drive, by the wind.
This denotes one of an ingenious, inventive mind, and given to the study and practice of useful arts; but of such a yielding nature that he is always liable to imposition and injustice from others. His life will be spent in bringing new inventions to the service of the world, without great advantage to himself; he will be utilized without gaining much credit or respect. It is a degree of SERVITUDE.

6-7 deg Sagittarius
A group of cattle browsing in the sunshine.
It denotes a nature that is patient, contented, happy and self-possessed, capable of following sedentary and homely occupations uncomplainingly, and much attracted to the calm joys of domestic and rustic life. He will lead an uneventful and peaceful existence, happily suited in his domestic ties, and patiently devoted to the work of an unambitious calling. It is a degree of PLACIDITY.

7-8 deg Sagittarius
Two men playing cards together.
This denotes one given to the hazards of speculation, hopeful, jovial, and venturesome. He will follow a life of change and chance, counting on nothing beyond the day, and content with his lot, so long as he comes by it without effort. In the midst of want and privation he will keep a hopeful countenance and good heart. It cannot be said that he will do much good to others, yet he will do no intentional harm, and his good spirits will cheer others, who else might despond too easily. It is a degree of HAZARD.

8-9 deg Sagittarius
A house on fire.
This symbol is indicative of an enthusiastic and inspirational nature, highly impulsive and headstrong, but having a definite purpose in life to which all else is subservient. He may be a visionary, or a man consumed by fire of a subtle genius, but his unpractical nature will subject him to severe penalties, and after a short and fevered existence, the cruse of his vital powers will be exhausted. It is a degree of ZEAL.

9-10 deg Sagittarius
A full moon shining in a clear sky.
It is the sign of a sympathetic and adaptable nature, of superior abilities and considerable powers of imitation and assimilation. He will shine by reflected light, but will display his faculties with such ease and grace, in places where they are appreciated, that he will pass for one of inherent genius, will acquire fame and wealth, and finally will outshine all others in his particular sphere of life. It is a symbol of CAPACITY.

10-11 deg Sagittarius
A tiger crouching as in the act of assault.
It denotes a character that is treacherous and aggressive, disposed to seek his ends with subtlety and to secure them by force. There is here a combination that is both diplomatic and assertive, and therefore to be treated with reserve and firmness. The native will attain many of his ambitions and will make many enemies in the course of his career. His projects will lead him into many dangers and may even bring about his premature end. It is a degree of STRATEGY.

11-12 deg Sagittarius
A fair woman sporting herself on a couch.
It is the index of a mind that is give to the delights of the senses, voluptuous and sybaritic, self-indulgent and indolent, yet ambitious of honors and wealth. The pleasures of the senses will prove to the native a delusion and a snare, leading him on from one indulgence to other until at length he will fall into a premature senility and ineptitude which he will not have strength enough to rouse himself from. Women under this degree should be carefully cherished and fore fended. It is a degree of SENSUSOUSNESS.

12-13 deg Sagittarius
A large portcullis guarding the entrance to a prison.
It is the symbol of a nature doomed to seclusion and separateness of life, either on account of some incurable hurt to the flesh or by reason of a mind that is misanthropic and perverse. Such an one will move in narrow limits, and his walk in life will be circumscribed by a stern necessity. He will be in danger of restraint, captivity, or imprisonment, and his life will be full of dangers is a degree of RESIRAINT.

13-14 Sagittarius
A quantity of books and papers an disorder.
It is the index of a mind given to the study of literature, history and other intellectual pursuits. The literary and scientific taste will be cultivated and trained to useful but somewhat unpopular or novel ends. The memory will be highly retentive, and the imagination lively but well under control. Such an one may become a prolific writer, combining science and invention with a facile power of romantic fancy. A strenuous worker and temperate liver, he will not fail to meet with due distinction. It is a degree of INTELLECT.

14-15 deg Sagittarius
An arrow in mid-air.
This is the index of mind that is penetrating, intent and ambitious. Such an one may gain distinction by fortuitous flights of fancy . He will meet with distinction, will obtain a position of some elevation, but being sustained solely by his own inertia, he will suffer a rapid decline, and in the end will meet with reversal. Enterprising and progressive in spirit, he will succeed during the first part of his life and later will have cause to regret his projects. It is a degree of DIRECTION.

15-16 deg Sagittarius
A black hole or cavern in a rock.
This is an indication of a mind given to futile or vacuous projects, inconstant. and fruitless work, so that his fortunes will be meager and his position of no account. Always open to receive benefits from others, but yielding nothing of his own, he will fail of friends and fortune and in the end will afford but a black and barren prospect. It is a degree of VACUITY.

16-17 deg Sagittarius
A man afloat upon a raft.
This symbol denotes one of isolated and lonely mind, given to projects of alien kind, daring enterprises and unique adventures. Such an one will be estranged from his relations and kindred, and will lead a life of great vicissitudes and hardships, failing in the latter part of life in some bold adventure whereby he will become involved in many troubles. His position in life will be unstable and as it were founded upon the waters. He may be a sailor and become shipwrecked, or in other capacity will meet with wreck of fortunes and be deserted by his own. It is a degree of ABANDONMENT.

17-18 deg Sagittarius
A man’s face painted with grotesque scrolls, and surrounded by a mass of tangled hair.
It is the index of a mind that is without proper balance, given over to vain and wild projects, neither useful nor fortunate. Such an one is in danger of losing his reason by disappointment of foolish and inconsequent efforts. His mode of life will be eccentric, and the expression of his thought touched with a singular grotesqueness and peculiarity. There may be genius; but, if so, of an unpractical and fruitless type: more probably there will be lack of reason. It is a degree of DISORDER.

18-19 deg Sagittarius
A serpent surrounded by a circle of fire.
This symbol denotes one whose mind is subtle and tortuous, resentful and passionate. He will be continually involved in difficulties, and surrounded by dangers. At some time in life he may find himself in a beleaguered city, or in a cruel distraint, from which he will escape only with some hurt to his person or fortunes. In one form or another he will be called upon to pass through a fiery ordeal, and throughout life his mind will be chafed and tortured by stress and limitations. It is a degree of CAPTIVITY.

19-20 deg Sagittarius
A garden of many hued flowers.
It is the index of a mind that is genial, kindly and sociable. Such an one will find many friends and admirers. His life will be filled with happy and fortunate associations, and his mind will be devoted to the artistic, ornamental and aesthetic. The beautiful in nature will attract him, and his life will be surrounded with elements of concord and amity. It is a degree of CONCORD.

20-21 deg Sagittarius
Two triangles interlaced, with a third superposed.
It is the index of a mind of more than average ability, to which the conquest of things mental and spiritual will be the chief object in life. Such an one will combine in himself the balance of physical and mental forces in an equal degree, and will hold the power to utilize them to considerable extent. It gives an aptitude for the study of the social sciences, and confers ability for self-government and rulership. It is a degree of MASTERY.

21-22 deg Sagittarius
Two arrows crossed.
This is the symbol of an aggressive spirit, a mind given over to contention and strife, and a soul that is set against the current of public feeling and opinion. Such an one will run counter to the established laws of social life, and be continually engaged in the pursuit of his own eccentricities. There is danger of litigation and a menace of a violent end. It is a degree of STRIFE.

22-23 deg Sagittarius
A human heart encircled with a band of iron and pierced by a dagger with jeweled hilt.
Insecure affections, misplaced confidence, bitter resentment and jealousy are the unhappy results of love divorced from discretion and a good judgment. Such an one to whom this symbol applies will go through life attended by a host of forlorn hopes, loving without power to evoke response, acting by impulse unallied to reason, and in the end will become cramped and misanthropic, the iron of selfish disappointment eating into the soul. Danger of heart disease may be indicated, or what is worse, the canker of jealousy may prove fatal. It is a degree of RESTRICTION.

23-24 deg Sagittarius
A broken tree struck by a lightning flash.
This is the index of a mind occupied with abortive projects, vain ambitions, and unfortunate relationships. His life is likely to be short and his end sudden. All his ambitious will fall short of accomplishment, and dire catastrophe will cut off his hopes ere he can reap the harvest of his endeavors. It is a degree of ABSCISSION.

24-25 deg Sagittarius
Three cups of wine standing upon a table in the form of a triangle.
It is the index of a mind that is given to excessive indulgence and undue enthusiasm in matters of a spiritual and mental nature; one who will follow out his projects regardless of consequence, impelled as it were by a species of mental intoxication. The substance and form of this symbol is allied to the higher nature, but should the carnal appetites gain an ascendancy over him, he will in all probability degenerate into a debauchee. Moderation should be his watchword even in spiritual things. It is a degree of EXCESS.

25-26 deg Sagittarius
A mask representing the face of a hound.
This is the sign of one to whom appearances are apt to count or much, but who will nevertheless be possessed of a really deep and sympathetic nature. Fidelity and friendship will be prominent characteristics of his nature. Fidelity will be dexterous in the use of arms, apt in the imitation of mannerisms, and would make a capable actor,. being gifted with powers of dramatic. representation. Of a kind and sympathetic nature, he will readily attract friends, and yet few will know him for what he really is. It is a degree of IMITATION.

26-27 deg Sagittarius
A man beneath the paw of a lion rampant.
This is the index of a nature lacking direction of force and initiative. Such an one will find many enemies, both powerful and . aggressive to bar the way to success in life. He may rise to a good position, but will be in danger of falling under the reproach of his king or ruler. His path will be beset with difficulties and dangers, and such will chiefly be due to his lack of stability and want of purpose. It as a degree of IMPOTENCE.

27-28 deg Sagittarius
A tortoise.
This is the symbol of a patient and steady nature, one to whom all tasks are trivial, to whom hardships come as a matter of course, and who is not dismayed by the prospect of unending toil. Steadfastness, patience and endurance will characterize his life and work in the world, and in spite of all obstacles he will attain to the position he has set out to gain for himself. It is a degree f PATIENCE.

28-29 deg Sagittarius
A hare.
This is the symbol of a mind that is both cultured and timid, yet possessed of considerable moral force and remarkable physical energy and agility. Such an one may easily lose his way and come to an unfortunate end, because of his strong sense of the direct and honest course in life and his extreme diffidence in asserting that sense or conviction. He will be in danger of some brain affection, which may lay him low and render him incapable of action for many years together. There is a twist of some sort in the nature. He may be driven to extremities by the force of circumstances. It is a degree of INEFFICACY.

29-30 deg Sagittarius
A spade protruding from the soil.
It is the symbol of mind that is capable of sustaining great and arduous work, one to whom some of the dark secrets of Nature will be revealed. He may show some taste for agriculture culture or may follow the fortunes of some great mining industry or archaeological research, and in such he will be a discoverer. Whatever his walk in life, his work will be difficult and protracted, but success will ultimately crown his labors. Endowed with a sharp, incisive mind and strong purpose, he will ignore the advice of friends and rely wholly on is own efforts. It is a degree of DISCOVERY.

0-1 deg Capricorn
A boy and girl standing with arms entwined.
It is the index of a mind that is given to duplicity, or at least to dissimulation and diplomacy. There is considerable finesse, and also an extraordinary degree of adaptability in the nature, which will enable it to gain some distinction and even a position of honor. The native may become an ambassador or consul, or otherwise serve as a connecting link between two peoples or nations. In a lower degree, the native will follow more than one occupation at the same time and will in general show considerable versatility. It is a degree of ALTERNATION.

1-2 deg Capricorn
A vane of which the arrow is pointing North.
This is an indication of a vacillating and uncertain disposition, now turning this way, and now that, and finally falling away into negation and ineptitude. Many enterprise will be undertaken and abandoned. Procrastination will be a besetting fault, and will lead to many difficulties. This is one whose efforts will be strenuous but fitful and lacking endurance, so that with more than usual effort he will achieve less than the ordinary. His end is obscure and darkly veiled. It is a degree of VACILLATION.

2-3 deg Capricorn
A serpent coiled around an uplifted beacon.
It is the index of a mind that is unusually wise, subtle and profound. Endowed with much prudence, foresight and circumspection, the native may apply himself profitably and creditably to almost any work in life and with every prospect of success. But that for which he is by nature especially fitted is without doubt diplomatic service, the law, or the administration of government. In some special form of literature or science he will show extraordinary ability, maybe in medicine, in chemistry, or other of the chymic arts. He will shine and his light will be seen from afar, while those who are near will manifest touch reliance on his knowledge, and will follow the light of his leading. It is a degree of ILLUMINATION.

3-4 deg Capricorn
A vestal lamp burning brightly.
This is an indication of an elevated and superior mind, given to the study of things that are essentially spiritual. There are aspiration and intuition in a superior degree, and such an one will probably seek and find in the silence of his own chamber the key to many of the higher mysteries of life and thought. In any capacity he will attain to a superior position and will be an acknowledged leader of men and molder of human minds. From all that is essentially mundane and sordid his thoughts will be estranged. He will have an intuitive perception of eternal verities. It is a degree of INITIATION.

4-5 deg Capricorn
A small cottage with wide open door.
This is the sign of an hospitable and generous nature, a kindly and warmhearted disposition. Austere and rigid in his own methods of life he will nevertheless show much sympathy for others, and compassion for their weaknesses and foibles. Withal he will evince a singular lack of prudence, and though denying himself and sustaining others he will be liable to imposition and theft. Such an one should safeguard the doors of his speech and be select in the choice of his friends and confidants. It is a degree of HOSPITALITY.

5-6 deg Capricorn
A heart surmounted by an aureole.
This is the symbol of an affectionate and devoted nature, one who will center his affections upon a single object and continue steadfast all his life. In such an one there is little of guile, little of fear, and perfect confidence in those to whom he gives his heart. Such devotion as he is capable of manifesting is worthy of a higher tribute than the average life or mind can render, and it is all but impossible that he can escape disappointment, sorrow and dismay. In whatever path of life his work may lie he will succeed where others have failed merely because of his whole-heartedness and concentration. It is a degree of DEVOTION.

6-7 deg Capricorn
A heart pierced by a nail.
This is the index of a nature that is capable of strong attachment, both to things and persons, and yet with something of selfish design in all that he espouses. Consequently he cannot fail to meet with trouble, and his chagrin will arouse bitter feelings of resentment against others who may have thwarted his designs. Hence spring various rivalries and feuds, and these operate in his life to produce ruin and desolation, so that in the end he has nothing left but himself to care for and all the world besides to hate and rail against. It is a degree of JEALOUSY.

7-8 deg Capricorn
An eagle carrying its prey in mid air.
This is the index of a mind that is given to extraordinary flights of fancy, making of purely mundane things the substance of many and prolonged cogitations and solitary musings. The nature is rather isolated and misanthropic, while the mind is endowed with faculties of no mean order, so that the world will afford few attractions, and ordinary subjects will form   only the pabulum of a more ethereal and spiritual food There will be wasting of flesh in nightly vigils, and much strengthening of the spirit in lonely meditations. Contented, supremely indifferent to the things of this world, his taste of happiness in this life will be evanescent and brief. It is a degree of LOFTINESS.

8-9 deg Capricorn
A cross and a broken key.
This is the index of a nature that is aspiring and eager to penetrate into the experiences of life, but doomed by an adverse fate to failure and disappointment. The broken key is the sign of those abortive enterprises in which he will engage to his undoing and loss of reputation. Where he should knock and wait in patience he will essay an entry by craft and worldly wisdom, and even as he turns the key in the lock it will break off short in his hand. If he should restrain his impetuosity and daring, and cultivate humility of spirit, haply his cross will not be found too heavy for him to bear. With that as key to the treasures of this world he may enter the Gates of the Temple of Wisdom. It is a degree of IMPOTENCE.

9-10 deg Capricorn
An owl sitting in the moon light.
It is the index of a mind that is wise and patient, prudent and self-possessed. Where others see nothing he will discern many indications of the trend of events. He may study astronomy and become a discoverer of things occult or distant. For the ordinary work-a-day world he has little interest, but to those who are disposed to deep, philosophical speculations and abstruse studies he is likely to be a figure of some consequence and esteem. His life and work are centered in the things that are hidden from the common eye, and in the hours of the night will lie the greatest dangers of his life, as also in things remote from sense. It is a degree of OCCULTISM.

10-11 deg Capricorn
A roll of parchment, sealed and lying across a scepter.
This is the index of a person who is born to occupy positions of trust and responsibility, most probably in connection with the Ministry, or in a minor degree occupying some office in Government service. The sealed parchments show diplomacy, a taciturn disposition and ability to keep secrets and confidences. The life work will be carried on under conditions which require great secrecy and caution. The nature is reserved and self-reliant. He will rise to positions of authority, and will serve his country and king. It is a degree of AUTHORITY.

11-12 deg Capricorn
A fox running apace in the moonlight.
It shows a person who is given to acts of subtlety and craftiness and disposed to lead a predatory life, relying on the fortunes of chance, aided by his skill and cunning for a livelihood. He will show considerable zeal in the pursuit of his designs, and much secrecy will be required in the conduct of his affairs for there will be incidents therein which cannot bear the   light of day. The nature is cruel and rather crafty. He will depend on the activity and industry of other, for his means of support, and eventually will be in danger of excommunication, exile of imprisonment, or may even have to fly to country. It is a degree of CRAFTINESS.

12-13 deg Capricorn
A tripod with flames of fire issuing from a brazier.
This is the index of a nature that is aspiring and active, disposed to lead a life of adventure and hazard, but honorable in the pursuit of lofty ambitions. He may become attached to the military service, or in some other form will be a representative of the fiery and devouring element. He has a restless and aspiring nature, such as will impel to action upon a wide scale. He will travel and explore, lighting up dark places and devastating ancient sites in the quest of new food for the mind. Chastity and purity of life will mark him as of singular temperament, and his efforts-will thereby become concentrated and highly successful. Alive to all the higher ambitions of this world, he will nevertheless be zealous in the conquest of worlds that are beyond normal ken. He may be an ambassador, consul, spiritual researcher, or explorer. It is a degree of ASPIRATION.

14-15 deg Capricorn
A harrow standing on an open field.
This indicates one who will manifest an extremely critical, sarcastic and aggressive nature. It will be his business in life to dig into the common soil of the human mind, to lay bare and expose its true nature, and to create dissensions, divisions and strife’s, stirring up and leavening the pabulum of popular beliefs, and bringing to light their fallacies, impedimenta, and imperfections. The mind will be pugnacious in the extreme, and although it may attract admirers it will have few sympathizers or adherents. In removing the weed growth on the ages and in the ruthless examination of things as they are in the broad field of human life and thought, will consist the main work of this peculiarly angular and incisive nature. It as a degree of CRITICISM.

14-15 deg Capricorn
A soft cloudy cumulus upon a bright horizon.
It signifies one who has a kind, pliant and sympathetic nature; adaptable to environment, hopeful and confident. He will receive many favors from Fortune, and will be the friend and associate of those who have influence and power in the land. His mind will be set upon the attainment of high truths, and his course in life will be marked by a singular degree of inoffensiveness, gentleness, forbearance and suavity. Thus his friends will rejoice in him, and his enemies will find his gentleness and softness a foil to their sharpest weapons. His fortunes will lie in smooth places, and with intelligence added to gentleness of nature, he will be regarded with favor by all who come into contact with him. It is a degree of MOLLIENCE.

15-16 deg Capricorn
A man riding at high speed upon a well-conditioned horse.
This denotes one who has a taste for and ability in the management of horses, and to whom the delight of horsemanship will not be less than those of hazard and adventure. He will lead a romantic life, will travel afar, and undertake many hardy exploits. His occupation may bring him largely into touch with foreign people and strange lands, and either he will be an importer of foreign wares, an explorer, or an archaeologist. Should he incline to the law he will make great progress therein, and honors will attend his efforts on all occasions. In scholastic work also he finds his prevailing passion fully satisfied for in the taming and bridling of the untrained mind and the right directing of its powers he will prove himself not less successful than capable and zealous. It is a degree of INSTRUCTION.

16-17 deg Capricorn
A lyre lying upon a wreath of flowers.
It denotes one who will show some remarkable powers of expression, and by the power of sound will persuade where others cannot compel by force. He may become a poet or musician, and in the gentler offices of life will show considerable talent. His nature will be docile, tractable, harmless and inoffensive. He will be constant in his attachments and will undergo some singular persecutions and tests of his fidelity, emerging there from victorious and undismayed. Should he follow the highest expressions of his faculty he will be capable of enunciating in language that is harmonious, persuasive and subtly compelling, a new body of doctrine or a new phase of philosophic truth. It is a degree of PERSUASION.

17-18 deg Capricorn
Two men in fierce strife.
This symbol denotes one whose aggressive and quarrelsome nature will lead him into all sorts of difficulties and dangers, from which it is to be feared he will not escape unhurt. Contentious, reviling and unorthodox, his mind will be at war with prevailing opinions and popular beliefs. He will create discord wherever he goes, and be a sorry test to men of humane and benevolent dispositions. His nature is devoid of frankness and he does not admit the truth even to himself, but opposes all and evety one on whatever ground is open to debate. In a word, he is an Ishmaelite, and will finally be deserted and abandoned to the mercies of his mother Nature. It is a degree of STRIFE.

18-19 deg Capricorn
A rocky eminence in the midst of a turbulent sea.
This symbol denotes a character of great self-reliance, firmness, stability and originality, one who is capable of standing alone and combating with the steady resistance of enduring strength all the assaults of adverse fortune or popular displeasure. Alone, undaunted and impassive, he will stand amid the angry tumult of contending forces. He will show real strength and the firmness that is born of conviction and direct perception of the truth. He cannot hope to be popular1 but he cannot fail to be great and singular. The waves sweep on and dash themselves in futile wrath upon his move less body. They are driven back, and expend themselves in seething comment and hissing impotence: he remains, It Is a degree of STOLIDITY.

19-20 deg Capricorn
An ape seated before a mirror.
It is the index of a mind given to vanity and capable only of intelligence which characterizes the superficial world ling. He sees himself as the one object. He is an egotist. Nevertheless he will aspire to some distinction as a leader off fashions or as a comedian or mimic. His powers of adaptation are considerable, and his physical activity very great. He would succeed best as an actor, but that only in the lighter vein. His person is more considerable than his mind, and his reputation will he dependent on his powers of adaptation and expression. It as a degree of IMITATION.

20-21 deg Capricorn
An ancient hieroglyphic manuscript with a retort and crucible upon it.
This symbol is the index of one who will essay the Magnum Opus or great work of alchemical science. It may be that he will attempt the solution of some scientific problems, and in such would be successful beyond his belief. On the other hand its scope may be restricted to the world of commerce, or even extended to the spiritual world, so that the transmutation of the gross and external body of the soul may be effected. In any case the native will be a deep researcher and will study ancient methods and principles with benefit to himself and advantage to the world. He will begin a new school of thought and his mind will be set upon reforms in the scientific and philosophic worlds. It is a degree of RENOVATION.

21-22 deg Capricorn
A plough.
This symbol belongs to one that is capable of arduous and protracted labors. His inherent force of character will carry him through all difficulties and beyond all obstacles. He is endowed with much definition of purpose, determination and incisiveness, so that he will make headway against all obstructions and cut out a line in life for himself. He will in all probability find the recompense of his labor in association with agricultural projects, and in the utilization of old and waste materials, It is a degree of DETERMINATION.

22-23 deg Capricorn
A wineglass overturned.
This is the index of one who will be unable to contain his feelings and passions, and will in consequence run to excesses, extravagance and waste of substance. He will be endowed with a fine intelligence, a genial and pleasant nature, and a generous and convivial disposition. But his inability to control his passions will lead to his reversal and undoing, so that he will unless he be under the guidance of a strong and steady band eventually be left to his fate, denuded of all that makes him a desirable companion or useful agent in life. It is a degree of INCONTINENCE.

23-24 deg Capricorn
A tankard set upon a table.
This denotes a steadfast and capable person, whose life will be orderly and useful, whose mind will be open to the reception of truth and knowledge and whose passions will be well regulated. He will display a frank and even blunt nature, being free from all craftiness and subtlety; and his mind will have a sincere regard for all that is simple and natural in human nature, and a rooted distrust of the non-transparent. It is likely that he will be disposed to seek his livelihood in the vineyard or hostel, but in the highest capacity he can be will aspire to become a teacher and purveyor of spiritual truths. In any case he is a man of the common walk and his sympathies are with the people. It Is a degree of SINCERITY.

24-25 deg Capricorn
A series of bubbles floating in the air.
This denotes one in whose nature the light, fantastic and ephemeral is predominant. A certain elasticity and expansive of soul will render him reflective of the world around him in all its more sparkling and bright aspects, but he will lack solidity of character, will be given over to vanities and in the end these will be the source of his sudden and untimely collapse. He is liable to be a mere dabbler, but his sympathies will be in the direction of occult verities, and a certain superficial reflection of these things may render him a fashionable mountebank. It is a degree of SUPERFICIALITY.

25-26 deg Capricorn
A wide, open seascape on which are distant sailing boats.
This symbol denotes a person of calm and thoughtful temperament, a kind, genial and sunny nature, smooth and tranquil manners, and peaceful disposition. When roused to anger, however, he is capable of excessive strength and display of power, and the forces in reserve within him are only to be known under stress and excitation. He is yielding, but cannot be reduced. He is gentle but irresistible. His sympathies are wide and his taste for travel will be marked. It will lead him to distant countries and may be to the pursuit of nautical life. That he will have interests in distant lands is certain. It is a   degree of COMPLACENCE.

26-27 deg Capricorn
A stretch of broken country with a fringe of woodland.
This symbol denotes a nature that is rugged and natural in its expression and wholly devoid of the superficialities and polish of conventional life. Left to himself he will prefer a life of quiet retirement and rustic work, but in the busier haunts of men he will pass for one who is ungracious and uncouth, though none will question his sincerity and genuineness. He may be disposed to seek his living in the cultivation of the soil, or the sale of its produce. His temper will be uneven, and at times morose and lowering, but a certain off-hand gruffness of expression will only veil a kind and ingenuous nature. It is a degree of RUSTICITY.
27-28 deg Capricorn
A sextant and compass.
This symbol is related to one whose tastes are of a very catholic nature. His learning and rectitude will make him a reliable and useful guide to others, and in some special capacity of learning he will gain distinction and honor. In a sense he is a cardinal man and cannot fail to become famous. His inclinations will be expressed in the study of navigation, astronomy, exploration and the mathematics. In a narrower sense he will become a director of some successful trading company and his path in life will be marked by a series of successful ventures. He will never lose his way, nor fail to attain his end, for all his undertakings will be regulated by rigid and exact principles, and carried out with precision and certainty of success. It is a degree of DEFINITION.

28-29 deg Capricorn
A dark and lonely pool overhung by wooded banks.
This is the index of a nature that will be given to contemplation and philosophical musings. In the silence and solitude of his own soul he will enter into an intimate communion with Nature and will be blessed with an understanding of her more obscure laws and his mind will be pervaded by a peace which none will be able to disturb. His affections will be deeply rooted in all that appertains to the simpler and more natural life, and his poetical and visionary nature will lay hold upon eternal verities. As for himself, he will walk by the side of his mother Nature, and his soul will be lifted to a place of rest. Unpractical though he may be in many things, yet his message will be one of authority as appertaining to a favored child. It is a degree of CONTEMPLATION.

29-30 deg Capricorn
An arrow in flight.
This symbol denotes an aspiring and ambitious nature, impelled by the strength of a force behind him to the attainment of a certain high or distant project. Gifted with extreme directness and celerity of action and endowed with remarkable powers of concentration, he will be in a fair way to attain his intentions and accomplish his ambitions. But everything will depend upon his start in life as to whether he will reach his goal. Heredity and training will count for more than usual in his case, for he is one of those who will   follow his inherent impulses and has little or no individual power of direction and scarcely any adaptation. The breath of public opinion may carry him wide of his mark, and with the decline of his natural forces there will be a falling off of ambition and purpose. It is a degree of DECLINE.

0-1 deg Aquarius
A man lying upon a sheaf of corn, asleep, with viands at his side.
This is a symbol of one whose life will be wasted in dreams and visions and vain projects to which he cannot lend the power of action. He will be dreaming where others are working and in consequence will lose the virtue of utility and the right to sustenance. Moreover, because of his unpractical and indifferent nature, he will be at the mercy of others, and will suffer depredation and fraud at times, and at others will be pushed aside to make room for the more intelligent and responsive workers in the worlds great field of action. He will dream of wealth while others are making it, and all the while he will neglect the opportunities which lie as simple everyday occurrences close to his hand. It is a degree of LASSITUDE.

1-2 deg Aquarius
A book on which stand a compass and an hour glass.
This is the index of one who has a scientific and highly versatile mind. He will be disposed to the study of the laws of nature, will gain an intimacy with the principles of scientific and philosophic investigation and may be the inventor of some instrument, or the discoverer of some force in Nature by which the elements of space (the compass) and time (the hour-glass) are annihilated to a great degree. Undoubtedly he will be a man of considerable depth of thought, and will make some useful discoveries. It is a degree of EXTENSION.

2-3 deg Aquarius
A man walking with bended head, leaning upon a staff.
This symbol is related to one whose life is liable to many and severe shocks of misfortune, the severing of ties and the disappointment of hopes. Nevertheless, he will show a spirit of steadfast resignation to the will of Heaven and therein will find consolation for his grief’s and sorrows. The   task which he will have to perform in life will be honorable but unprofitable, and many will be the difficulties which encumber his upward path. He is nevertheless equipped for a long and arduous journey, and being endowed with a patient and firm will, he must eventually attain his goal. Only in the interval he will have to surrender all that he holds most dear in life. It is a degree of PERSEVERANCE.

3-4 deg Aquarius
An officer arrayed much like a Chinese mandarin in an official robe of purple and gold and blue.
This is indicative of one who will show considerable merit in diplomatic or governmental work and who may become a minister of state or high official. To him will be entrusted the care of high secrets and charges, and he will be associated with persons of high estate and power in whatever land he may be called upon to serve. It is probable that he himself will be able to boast an ancients lineage and there is, a part from his destiny, an inherent dignity and repose which will enable him passively to withstand the assaults of his enemies and by patience finally to overcome all and succeed to the highest positions of trust and confidence. It is a degree of AUTHORITY.

4-5 deg Aquarius
A woman nude, looking at her reflection in a pool of water.
It is not necessary to say, perhaps, that this is a symbol indicative of extreme danger to the moral nature of the person ‘born under this degree. There is an element of dalliance and self-love in the nature which will be liable to lead to serious complications and entanglements. It may be that this egotism will only veil a weakness which cannot withstand the temptations of the carnal nature. The nature will be sympathetic and to a large degree reflective of the immediate environment, in which, however, there will be too strong an accent of self. It is probable that the native may show artistic   tastes and a marked ability for portrait painting or sculpture. It is a degree of EGOTISM.

5-6 deg Aquarius
An archer drawing a long bow.
This symbol is related to one who has considerable faculty for teaching (prophecy), and skill in manual crafts. As a director of thought, an exponent of religious teachings, as traveler, lecturer, even handicraftsman, he will show himself capable and will meet with distinction. He will be ambitious and will have a mind set upon things that are remote from his environment. Careful in his methods, and ambitious in his designs, he will have to travel far, nevertheless, for the results of his actions, and of him it may be said that what is remote from the sense is ever more attractive than things corporeal, and that which is afar than which is near. It is a degree of APPERCEPTION.

6-7 deg Aquarius
A target pierced by a rapier.
This symbol denotes one who has extreme powers of penetration and yet will be incapable of adequate self-defense in the ordinary affairs of life and will fall a victim to his own want of discretion. In him the knowledge of the truth does not entail the following of it, and this denial of his own convictions will lead him to sore troubles and possibly to disgrace. He will show an impulsive and headstrong nature, such as may lead him into serious conflict with others, thereby laying him open to the danger of assault and hurt in the passage of arms. Let him beware of the direct thrust and practice the use of the two-edged sword. It is a degree of VULNERABILITY.

7-8 deg Aquarius
A lion standing in the open arena.
This symbol is indicative of a nature that is strong forceful and independent, loving freedom above all things and desiring death by hunger rather than servitude or restraint. Such an one will prove himself to be of greater service to the race when left to his own resources and given full freedom of action than when bound to a narrow or restricted walk in life. Nevertheless, he is liable to captivity or imprisonment, whether it be as a prisoner of State or as the victim of a hard and unrelenting Fate, and this will be entailed by his inordinate love of freedom. He will, suffer and will serve, and thus gain both wisdom and freedom for all time. It is a degree of ESCAPEMENT.

8-9 deg Aquarius
A huge rock rent by a flash of lightning.
This symbol denotes one who has a powerful, aggressive, forceful and executive nature, capable of driving his way through all obstacles, however hard and enduring they may be. Quick, energetic and alert, he will make considerable progress in his particular walk in life, and may be the means of convincing the most skeptical concerning certain matters of a celestial and ethereal nature. His spirit is too intense and forceful, too incisive and, critical not to be the occasion of much reviling and bitterness of spirit in others. He will do his work in the world with celerity of action and directness of execution, and he will let light into dark places. His departure will be sudden, but will not transpire till he has done some work of magnitude. It is a degree of CONVERSION.

9-10 deg Aquarius
A head and a hand separated from a body.
This is the sign of one who lacks co-ordination of thought and action, and who may eventually be liable to paralysis or similar affections of the body by wounding and the severance of nerves. Possibly he will be separated from his kindred and will be bereft of guidance and sustenance at an early age. He will only learn by severe affliction and many sufferings how to co-ordinate his thought and action, and useless projects, irresponsible and foolish actions, and a badly regulated life will thus be turned to the service of the body corporate of humanity. It is a degree of DISJECTION.

10-11 deg Aquarius
Two bulls fighting on the edge of a precipice.
This symbol is related to one in whose nature there is more force and energy than   power of direction and self-restraint, and who in consequence will be continually running into dangers which to him will be wholly unforeseen though obvious enough to others. He will rely upon his strength and pushfulness to overcome his enemies, but it will be shown to him that there is nothing so insignificant as the strength of a man. Since he cannot overcome Nature let him learn to use her forces with discretion and moderation or he will be wounded in the conflict of life, and unseen dangers will lurk within the hour of exultation as snakes beneath the flowers. It is a degree of FORCEFULNESS.

11-12 deg La Volasfera
A lion raging against the bars of its cage.
This symbol imports a nature of considerable native strength and dignity, yet unfortunate and in danger of being carried away by his passions and love of freedom. Hard though it may be to force his spirit into submission it will be well with him should he early learn that his compeers and superiors are equally jealous as himself of their rights and privileges. At some time in his life he will be the victim of a nature superior to his own and will suffer restraint and curtailment of liberty thereby. Let him adapt himself to his environment. His will else be the hard fate of those who are born of free spirit into the bonds of necessity. It is a degree of RESTRAINT.

12-13 deg Aquarius
A cavalier fully armed.
This is the index of a militant and naturally aggressive nature, the sign of one who, while outwardly cautious and suave in manner, is ever alive to his own interests and on the defensive. At times ‘he will be led into dangers by the aggressive attitude he will display in regard to his fellows, and although well equipped by Nature for all emergencies, he will never be so safe and free from harm as when observing regard for others. He will show a vigilant and alert nature, much power of self-defense, and will be remarkable for his capacity either in the military world or that of polemics. It is a degree of ASSEERTION.

13-14 deg Aquarius
A broken bridge spanning a rapid stream.
This is the symbol of one whose life will be beset with unforeseen dangers, and who should therefore go warily and with much circumspection into the narrow walks   of competitive life. About the middle of his life there will be a great catastrophe, by which he will either lose the use of a limb, or will suffer a total collapse of his affairs. He will then be in danger of liquidation and may become involved in serious trouble. Almost from his boyhood he will have to be self-supporting, and while he is sure to be of considerable service to others, and may even be author of much wise counsel, he will himself stand in need of help and sustenance ere his days are half completed. His future thereafter is in the keeping of Heaven. It is a degree of COLLAPSE.

14-15 deg Aquarius
A ship in full sail upon a sunlit sea.
This is the symbol of one who will possess an enterprising and somewhat adventurous spirit, such as will lead him into associations with others remote from him in nature or in clime. He will show a catholic and cosmopolitan spirit, a versatile and ambitious mind, and a benevolent and sympathetic nature. If he should be induced to leave his country it will be to form alliances that are productive of the greatest good to himself and to others. If he should follow the mercantile life, he will be fortunate therein. But whatever may be his calling, he will prosper and gain to himself a position of affluence and distinction. It is a degree of AFFLUENCE.

15-16 deg Aquarius
A smith’s forge and bellows.
This symbol is related to the one who will show considerable aspiration in things of a spiritual nature and will be instrumental in   awakening in the breast of man a belief in things supernormal, by fanning the spark of intelligent faith into a flame of conviction and consuming desire. His profession will be allied to the useful arts and his walk in life, although simple and devoid of ostentation, will nevertheless be of singular service to humanity. Great in soul and of immense aspiration, he will prove a veritable Vulcan. It is a degree of INSPIRATION.

16-17 deg Aquarius
A man lying prone upon a bed of sickness.
This is the index of a mind that is inept, a nature indolent or perverted, and a fortune that is wholly dependent on the goodwill of others. It denotes one who will evince but little interest in the wider and more virile achievements of his fellows, whose mind will be cramped and warped by egotism and selfish indulgence, and whose body will grow sleek and nerveless in default of proper use and adequate exercise. In a more fortunate circumstance, it may depict only a physical malady requiring constant rest. In the worst case it denotes imbecility. It is a degree of APATHY.

17-18 deg Aquarius
An old woman seated on a stool with a hooded cloak wrapped closely round her.
This is the index of one whose nature will be warped by feelings of selfishness and jealousy. He will exhibit little, if any, interest in the common lot of humanity, and will assume an attitude of melancholy, silent and envious misanthropy. Such an one cannot fail to become a source of hatred and malice to his own hurt and that of others. Wrapped around with the cloak of selfishness, he will fail to attain happiness in his own life and will be jealous of it in that of others. Hence bitterness and secret enmity will poison his soul, and in the end he will be in danger of an isolation not less painful because merited, and will be cut off iron kith and kin and left to his own imperfect and cramped resources. Let him study to preserve interest and sympathy in all that is human and so escape being abandoned of heaven and Earth. It is a degree of ISOLATION.!

18-19 deg Aquarius
A boat upon the sea which a submerged man is clinging for support.
This symbol is related to one in whose life some great catastrophe will occur at a time when providentially there will be a friend at hand to rescue him from his danger. It indicates that a deficiency of tact and skill is liable to reader him subject to adversity of fortune, and he will suffer financial disaster and even peril of death. But there will be raised up to him a friend capable of sustaining him in his extremity, and he will not therefore sink into the depths. This will be in response to his great faith. The nature, although daring, is lacking in tact and strength. All his troubles will arise from failing to admit his own incompetence. He will travel afar. It is a degree of INSECURITY.

19-20 deg Aquarius
A great tortoise.
This denotes one of patient and plodding disposition, disposed to rusticity of habit, endowed with great powers of endurance, an even disposition and contented mind. His position in life will always be secure, owing to his great prescience and providence, and he will create about him by slow and patient toil the means of his own security and well-being. His life is likely to extend to phenomenal years and his position in old age will be one of independence and security from all harm. Of rather solitary and retired nature, deeply philosophical, patient, and contented with simple ways of living, he will yet evince a kindly disposition and will live long to enjoy the fruits of his labors and the esteem of his fellows. It is a degree of PROVIDENCE.

20-21 deg Aquarius
A man lying wounded or sick upon the ground.
It is the symbol of one whose nature is void of virility and ambition, and who, consequently, will fail to assert himself in the fight for life. Where others are in intense activity, he lies nerveless and powerless amid surroundings which, although natural, are devoid of comfort and unreflective of the arts and sciences of human evolution. Such an one will show moral. apathy, mental ineptitude, and physical weakness, all of which will conspire to render him an object of pity to the passer by, and a burden to his kindred   and friends. In some cases it may indicate incapacity merely. In others it will predict a moral paralysis. It is a degree of WEAKNESS.

21-22 deg Aquarius
A raging bull stamping upon body of a dog.
This symbol denotes one whose passions are liable to run to excess and whose anger may lead him into the commission of acts of violence. It shows one of a strong and forceful nature, capable of forcing his way in the world by push and energy, yet not so strong as to be capable of controlling his own feelings. At such times as his passions are aroused he is capable of acts of brutal ferocity, and though he may gain the victory over all his outward enemies, there will yet be one within remaining unsubdued. It is essential that an otherwise fortunate nature should not ruin a great career by actions of impulsive ardor and indiscretion. It is a degree of VIOLENCE.

22-23 deg Aquarius
A beaver at work upon a tree overhanging a gorge.
This is the index of one to whom work will be a matter of daily and continual pleasure, and whose efforts will be sustained with diligence and fidelity. He will show much executive ability, exceptional constructive faculty, and extreme powers of endurance, so that his pathway to success is sure. There is, however, the danger that, at the supreme moment when the fruit of his labor falls due, it may be swallowed up and lost to him forever. Except for this his position is beyond all power of assault or harm, for habits of industry and strenuous energy are sure of recognition. He may become a well-known worker or dealer in timber and the building trade. It is a degree of INDUSTRY.

23-24 deg Aquarius
A bent stalk bearing a full ear of corn.
This symbol is related to one of undoubted faculty and mental ability, but with too little courage and power of attack to make his merit felt in the world. Such an one will be bent and broken by the winds of adversity, and having but small physical stamina he will find it difficult to sustain the highest expressions of his mental growth in the face of much want and physical distress. Yet he will not be bent or broken by adversity till he has given expression to an extraordinary amount of learning and will be popularly appreciated. It is a degree of BENDING.

24-25 deg Aquarius
A dark face wearing an expression of fierce anger, and across the forehead a red band of blood.
This symbol indicates one whose nature is vindictive and passionate almost beyond power of control. There will be some danger of frenzy or even acute mania, such as will warrant his enforced detention is thoughts are those of the Ishmaelite and avenger of herednary wrongs, and he is as one who sees blood in the air and runs amok. It shows a dangerous predisposition and unless controlled by the power of moral persuasion, intellectual training and social culture, will assuredly lead to trouble and disgrace. It is a degree of MALICE.

25-26 deg Aquarius
A man walking blindfold towards the opening of a deep pit.
This indicates one whose thoughts and projects are liable to become chaotic and confused, so that he may be said to be walking in the dark, and to that extent may be led into grave dangers. It may be from ignorance or from want of alertness and responsiveness to his surroundings that he will come by hurt to himself, but save by the helping and directing hand of some wise friend, or the overarching love of Heaven, he cannot escape downfall and ruin. The higher tame position he may occupy, the greater the danger of falling. Let him therefore study to walk warily and in humility in the simple ways of life and not aspire to tread paths which are unfamiliar and full of pitfalls for the unwary. It is a degree of BLINDING.

26-27 deg Aquarius
A stale mansion surrounded by trees in an expanse of pastureland.
This symbol denotes one who will be house-proud, fond of his home and desirous of acquiring estate, so that he may have the uninterrupted joys of continuous home life. He will prove himself to be a capable and polished member of society, a good patriot, and an earnest upholder of the traditions of his people and country. Of a pleasant and frank nature, and humane disposition, he will readily attract friends around him, and will be never so happy as when entertaining them in a homely but unostentatious manner. He will prosper in the world and will be beloved for his breadth of mind and wide sympathies. It is a degree of POSSESSION.

27-28 deg Aquarius
A cup, a pack of playing cards, and dice.
This symbol denotes a person of dissipated and irregular life, whose weakness for wine and gambling is likely to lead him into sore difficulties and many   excesses. His mind will be addicted to the pursuit of fortune by adventitious means, so that while he may succeed in attaching himself to others of like propensity and habits, he will lack even their confidence, and failing, will lose their adherence also. Thus, unless he shall elect to follow the paths of simple industry and patient toil in the ordinary walks of life, he will come to ruin and will be forced to pick up a precarious livelihood in the, byways of social activity. It is a degree of SPOLIATION.

28-29 deg Aquarius
Two crossed swords surrounded by a wreath of laurels.
Whoever has this astral signature will be remarkable for his powers of attack and defense. He may be a clever barrister, a successful diplomat, or a man of the sword. In the passage of arms which will constantly fall to his lot, he will prove himself capable and skilful to a degree. He will show considerable powers of execution, a pointedness and directness of speech, an incisive manner, and sharp acute, penetrating mind. He will gain honor in his special walk in life, and should he take to the sword either in the defense of his own country or the conquest of another, he will meet with distinction and honor. Yet he will hold but little of this world’s goods and must rely continually on his power of cutting his way through life by his own continuous exertions. It is a degree of EXECUTION.

29-30 deg Aquarius
A scepter surrounded by a crown.
This symbol denotes one who will rise to distinction and offices of great power and influence. He will display capacity for government and rulership, and, however humble his origin, will speedily attain to a foremost position in his own sphere and may successfully attempt even greater heights than many of his predecessor and contemporaries. In mind he will show himself to be rigid, strict, upright, and unbending in his integrity. His affections, although by no means warm, are yet sincere and constant, and his ambitions are compassed by the one word AUTHORITY.

0-1 deg Pisces
A man and woman standing face to face, their hands clasped.
This symbol denotes a nature of genial, friendly and sociable qualities to which the ties of domestic and social life will constitute the sum of possible happiness. Such will live in harmony with his fellows, preserving his relations in the most perfect accord, and on all occasions giving evidence of fidelity, devotion and self-control. He will rule others by the power of persuasion, and will attain his ambitions by the exercise of unusual powers of adaptability. As a man of business he will be chiefly successful in bringing together elements of contrary natures, forming combinations of utility, and uniting forces which singly would prove incomplete and ineffectual. It is a degree of UNION.

1-2 deg Pisces
A chest floating on an open sea.
This is an index of a nature that is placid and calm and disposed rather to carelessness and lassitude. He will be willing to sacrifice much for his own comfort and peace of mind, and will rarely distress himself on account of others. Nevertheless there is a strong undercurrent of feeling and passion, which, when aroused will prove formidable. Left to himself he will prove inoffensive and dilatory, careless and haphazard. But when opposed he will show himself capable of fierce resentment and irresistible force. There is little doubt that he will lose much of his property by allowing things to drift and take their own course, where he should be taking the direction and management of them in hand. Although by no means a weak character, he will pass for such on account of his indifference to his own affairs and those of others. It is a degree of INDIFFERENCE.

2-3 deg Pisces
A boar’s head upon a dish.
This is indicative of a headstrong and rather petulant nature, to whom the good things of this life will count for much. He will have a taste for high living and may show exceptional faculty in the culinary arts. His disposition will be generous and hospitable, and the best of his nature will be evident when he is entertaining his friends in convivial feasts. Possessed of a fiery and petulant nature, he will make many enemies, but will always succeed in bringing them to accord with him by some subsequent act of generosity and goodwill. At heart he is bountiful and humane, but he will be adjudged coarse and self-indulgent and a slave to the appetites. It is a degree of CONVIVIALITY.

3-4 deg Pisces
A trilithon consisting of two strong pillars of stone with a horizontal thwart of the same material. Within the trilithon is a strong iron gate.
This is the index of one whose nature is set about with the security which arises from a prudent and cautious nature, a high order of intelligence and a strong stability of character. He will prove to be a haven of refuge for the weak and helpless and a protection to all who stand in need of a friend. Within his gate there is peace and security, rest and satisfaction. He will successfully with stand the assaults of his enemies, and although it will be at all times difficult to get at the inward nature and motive of his life, yet to those who are admitted to his confidence he will justify his reticence, his retirement and his independence of action. Justice and self-restraint will be the keynotes of his nature. It is a degree of DEFFENCE.

4-5 deg Pisces
Three men advancing arm in arm.
This indicates one given to friendship and the delights of social intercourse, and whose nature will find chief expression in the fostering of amicable relations between others. Prolixity and diffusion of effort may render his best intentions void of good results, but that they are animated by the best feelings none of his friends will ever doubt. He will have many supporters and his confidences will be esteemed by them. He may profitably be engaged in the instruction and leading of others, whether as a teacher, director, overseer or officer, and he will be one of those to whose instruction and advice men will naturally incline. His fondness for pleasures however, may ruin his prospects. It is a degree of ACCORD.

5-6 deg Pisces
A wreck floating on a peaceful sea.
This indicates one to whom the Fates are likely to prove unkind, either in the fact of giving him birth in the family of one who has suffered complete wreck of fortunes, or by leading him to hazards of a speculative and adventurous nature which will lead to his certain ruin. Let him therefore be ever on guard against the seductions of becoming rich in a hurry, and let his efforts be those of one who, having a long distance to travel, and a great height to attain, measures his strength with care and goes at a moderate pace. Should he attempt the seas of fortune he will be driven back and his chances of success will be for ever ruined. If he should wisely keep to the broad highways of life, and pursue the common path, he may retrieve the family fortunes and acquit himself with honor. It is a degree of SALVAGE.

6-7 deg Pisces
A niche in which are set a lamp and a book or missal.
This indicates one to whom the secrets of nature are likely to be revealed as the result of long and patient study of her laws. He will be endowed with considerable devotion, enabling him to sustain long and patient vigils, and pursue his studies where others would have abandoned them. His intelligence will be of a high order, and will induce him if to the pursuit of religion, philosophy and the fine arts, in all of which he will show more   than ordinary ability. He may show a taste for the conventicler. It is a degree of ILLUMINATION.

7-8 deg Pisces
A man with upraised arms submerged in the water, over which a heavy rain is falling.
This is the index of one who is liable to suffer many affronts of fortune, due chiefly to his own incompetence and the attempting of things and enterprises that are beyond his powers. Let him study humility and service of others, and cultivate a proper understanding of his own aptitudes and powers. Thus he may escape a sudden and unlooked for ruin which otherwise must attend him in the boldest venture of his life. He may go into liquidation and become submerged, and crying for rescue from his helpless state, there may be found none to weep for him save Heaven, which yet is kind in that it permits this warning. Independence is not for those who have no knowledge of their own weakness. The strong swimmer alone can attempt the deep waters. It is a degree of INCOMPETENCE.

8-9 deg Pisces
An old man with a pack upon Ass back and a long staff in his hand walking down, a hill.
This indicates one whose fortunes are likely to prove very remarkable. Estranged at an early age from his kindred he will follow an adventurous fortune and his livelihood will be to that extent precarious and uncertain. He will roam into distant countries and experience many privations, always sustaining his lot with quiet resignation and singular indifference of spirit. He will attain to sonic distinction, but will suffer reversal and in the end will carry his load of cares downhill to the grave. In some special manner he will prove himself to be a man of singular character and remarkable powers. It is a degree of PILGRIMAGE.

9-10 deg Pisces
On a table of plain surface lie a number of chemical instruments, a retort, a pestle and mortar, a bent tube, end a crucible being the chief.
This indicates one with some special aptitude for the study of chemistry in one or another of its many phases. His mind will be analytical and acute capable of resolving things into their principles and perceiving causes where others only take note of effects. His mind is that nature which while avowing no religion has no thought which is not essentially religious, and which, in its quest after the secrets of nature is moved primarily by a sincere devotion to the Spirit of Nature. In daily life he will evince much reticence, caution and wariness, being very distrustful of things and persons not known to him, but will show considerable animation when discussing the particular studies and subjects with which his mind is occupied. It is a degree of TESTING.

10-11 deg Pisces
A wild horse leaping a barrier.
This denotes a man of considerable freedom and energy of nature, one who will be restless under, restraint, free and open in expression of his thoughts and feelings and very emphatic in his dealings with others. He will show aspiration and may incline to forensic study. His nature will be adventurous and his actions will be characterized by a supreme contempt for danger and peril. If he should incline to law, literature or clesiastical work, be will have distinction. It is a degree of LIBERTY.

11-12 deg Pisces
A truncated cone.
This indicates one who has undoubted aspirations and will rise to a good position, although when that position is assured there will be danger of a sudden cessation of fortune, and his life may thereafter continue to be filled with troubles and vexations. On the other hand, there will be some born under this degree who will give promise of high attainments, and who will be cut off in the midst of their career. In either case the. pinnacle and end of their ambitions will never be reached. Therefore let such aim higher than they mean to hit, or yet remain contented. It is a degree of CURTAILMENT.

12-13 deg Pisces
A circle within a circle, both concentric.
This indicates a life that is bounded by another, a happiness that can never be shared alone. To such as one as is born under this degree the circle of existence will embrace the close relationships of domestic life in perfect accord. The nature will be symmetrical and of abundant endowments, and the life will be rounded by a full experience of all those sweet influences which are engendered by a life in accord with environment, a mind at rest within itself, and a nature disposed to harmony. To him will be given the guarding and cherishing of those of smaller attainments, and less mature life. It is a degree of GUARDING.

13-14 deg Pisces
A man stripped to the waist hewing timber.
This is the index of one whose life will abound with difficult and laborious work. Endowed with a good will and an earnest soul, he will make good use of his powers, and how-ever humble his station he will magnify it, however slender his means he will so work as to deserve more. For the rest, he may be disposed to a life of rustic simplicity, as an agriculturist or worker in the orchards and woods, or he may even be the builder of a house, of a city, and at best the founder of a colony. He will be remarkable for the simplicity and naturalness of his mind, and for the strenuous character of his work in the world. It is a degree of LABOUR.

14-15 deg Pisces
An arrow in flight passing through a cloud of smoke.
This symbol denotes one whose mind will be penetrating amid ambitious, keen amid incisive and endowed with considerable power of determination amid direction of force. What he sees he will pursue without vacillation. He feels himself to have a path in life already marked out for him and he will be swift to follow it. His nature will be some what aggressive and headstrong, and there will be times when he will incur enmity in consequence and be in danger of secret hurt. He will make long journeys and will reach to inaccessible or remote parts of the world. It is a degree of DIRECTNESS.

15-16 deg Pisces
A tiger standing guard over its young littler.
It is the index of a nature capable of strong attachment and devotion and able by watchfulness and caution to command success. He will show great attachment to his kindred, and his family circle will be secure in the vigilance of his devotion. Very cautious, circumspect and patient, he will seldom fail in his enterprises; what he cannot attain by his energy he will secure by his patience. In the defense of those related to him he will show exceptional strength and even ferocity of temper, while to them he will display only the gentlest and most tender nature. It Is a degree of WATCHING.

16-17 deg Pisces
A man falling with upraised arms between the parting timbers of a broken bridge.
This symbol has reference to a life that is liable to be cut off in mid-years, and probably by means of an accident connected with the water. Such an one should exercise great care in his going, especially about the middle of life, and should avoid hazards both commercial and physical. It may be that he will be in danger of ruin and liquidation at some middle period of life, determined by the sum of his years; but certain it is that all that he depends upon for a sale passage through this world will be liable to a sudden and unforeseen collapse. Let him keep to the broad highway of life and not take an isolated path. There is safety in companionship and misanthropy has many expressions and counts its many victims. He who aspires to rulership is a misanthrope, the humble man has safety with the people. It is a degree of COLLAPSE.

17-18 deg Pisces
A horse and its rider failing at a fence.
This symbol denotes one whose career will be broken either in some foreign land or in the pursuit of an enterprise that is strange and foreign to his nature and capacity. He will be adventuresome and headstrong, and will pursue his course regardless of consequences. His taste for outdoor sports   will be prominent and will lead him into dangers, especially if he should follow equestrian pleasures. To some who are born under this degree calamity will accrue from transgression of the law. Let all such keep their passions in subjection by the power of the will and bridle their desires. It is a degree of CATASTROPHE.

18-19 deg Pisces
Two daggers crossed.
This indicates a nature given to contention and litigation and there will be a corresponding element of danger in the life and fortunes of such. Incisive, aggressive, and endowed with keen and penetrating intellect, there is here a nature capable of gaining considerable distinction in the use of arms or in the pursuit of the legal profession. But it is to be feared that the nature is too contentious to excite any but the worst passions in others, whilst a paucity of friends and a precarious fortune may be assigned to this radical want of harmony in the nature. It is a degree of WOUNDING.

19-20 deg Pisces
A helical scroll.
This degree denotes a nature which is undecided, changeful, fickle and of no stability. Such an one will lose himself in the multitude of his projects and imaginings. His path in life will be circuitous and will lead back to himself. His imagination will run riot with his reason, and his efforts will lack that definition of purpose which makes for success in life. His mind will be tortuous and chaotic, filled with dreams and fancies to the exclusion of useful and practical measures. He may suffer brain disorder, or   some continuous affection of the nervous system, which will render even his bodily actions limp and uncertain. To such an one healthful and virile companionship in youth will prove a lasting blessing. It is a degree of WANDERING.

20-21 deg Pisces
A lunar crescent emerging from cloud from which also proceeds a flash lightning.
This denotes a person of strong and forceful nature, proud and conflicting spirit, great dispatch and celerity of action, penetrating and swift thought, and   tremendous executive faculty. Here there is determinism and direction of force in the highest degree, effective in all the affairs of life, but not for that matter always productive of success or happiness.   Hopeful though the nature is, its schemes and projects will not always bear the light of day, and as in a dark imagination the highest hopes and fancies of the nature will be elaborated, so in the night time also will judgment strike home to the sundering of root and branch. Let him beware of the dark hours. It is a degree of CLEAVAGE.

21-22 deg Pisces
A woman of dark countenance standing over a prostrate man.
This is warning of a nature that is disposed to be brought under the malignant influence of womankind, to his hurt and ruin. Or let it be said that a woman’s influence is here predominant for ill, and a sinister fame attaches to all of the female sex who are generated under this degree. It is a man’s undoing through weakness, a woman’s victory through dishonor to either sex it is full of warning and threat. Let such as vitiate under this radius look to their charge and the account they shall make of it. It is a degree of PROSTRATING.

22-23 deg Pisces
A worrior in helmet drawing a long bow which the fletch is duly set.
This symbol is capable of two renderings, the first of which points to a strong character, a set purpose a lofty aim and is some particular sense the gift of prophecy and knowledge of future events. On the other hand, there is the weakness which depends on the hazard of life, the carelessness or indifference which arises from lack of interest and finds expression in vanity and self-inflation. At its best it signifies the higher indifference which affects the mind secure of its achievements, in the worst case it denotes improvidence and carelessness, a life set upon a hazard. It is a degree of SEECULATION.

23-24 deg Pisces
A woman reclining upon a couch, scantily attired.
It is the index of a mind given to the ease and luxury of life, the soft effeminate pleasures of the senses. Such an one will eat the lotus and make chains of flowers more difficult to break than the strongest bonds of steel. Such an one will dream while others work, and drift upon the river of life while others ply their oars and brace themselves to nervous effort. The opiate fails, the soul is sick with its satiety, and the sleeper awakes from nerveless indolence to a life of dull ineptitude, futile regret and self. condemnation it is a degree of SENSUALITY.

24-25 deg Pisces
A crown through which is set an upright sword.
It is the index of a mind set upon high resolves and capable of sustaining the assaults of its enemies in such a degree as to achieve its purposes without loss of fortune, prestige or honor. Such an one may prove to be a great warrior, a man of the sword, to whom honors will be given without stint. A king, he will sustain his throne by the use of aggressive measures and by victories gained over all his enemies; while one of lowly birth will gain his crown in the service of his king. His mind will be upright, astute, aspiring and, sustained by an unswerving faith. It is a degree of VICTORY.

25-26 deg Pisces
A man in armor, fully equipped and bearing a shield.
This indicates one who will walk through life warily, but with that assurance which is the result of being forearmed against danger. While cautious and circumspect, he will evince a brave and dauntless spirit, and with the double equipment of caution in defense and courage in attack, he will surmount the machinations of his enemies and break down all opposition. Such an one will be faithful in his dealings and just to his fellows, so that he will abide in. safety, defended at a11 points by the goodwill or his friends and the faith of his associates. It is a degree of SECURITY.

26-27 deg Pisces
An earthquake.
This is a sinister indication at and refers to one who will be overcome by sudden and unexpected calamities, which will undermine his labors and reduce his hopes to ruin. Let him be careful where he builds and test with discernment and understanding the grounds of his faith and hope in others. Let him labor diligently and sow in the broad valleys of the world the seeds of his yet uncertain harvest. For the rest let him trust in Heaven and invoke its aid in all humility. But if he should aspire to build his castles of many stages, or spread his vineyards up the mountain side, then he shall have the greater need of care and stronger faith in God, himself and man. It is a degree REVERSAL.

27-28 deg Pisces
A serpent standing erect within a circle of fire.
This is the index of a mind of more than usual powers of intellect and a soul disposed to the searching out of the deeper secrets of nature. Such an one will manifest much wisdom and will attain to high distraction in the pursuit of scientific study, but more particularly such as is related to the art of healing, as chemistry, medicine and anatomical science. From him, as through a lens, the rays of a higher truth and deeper understanding will   converge and be dispersed again for the better instruction of the world and its manifest and manifold advantage. He will take life at the crisis and turn it back from the Gates of Death. It is a degree of KNOWLEDGE.

28-29 deg Pisces
A man upon a raft floating in open sea.
This is the index of a mind that is in danger of misanthropic isolation and abandonment of self to winds of adverse fortune. Such a one will show a lack of initiative, small power of direction, a wandering and uncertain mind, and a helpless nature. He will be in danger of meeting adversity while yet young, and of being discouraged thereby and while yet young, and of being discouraged thereby and frightened into a nerveless apathy. In some instance there will be danger of actual shipwreck or accidental submersion. Let him take in hand the rudder of intelligence whereby to guide his course, and spread his sails in hope. Le him follow his chart with care and trust in Heaven for a favoring wind which shall carry him safely into port. It is a degree of ISOLATION.

29-30 deg Pisces
A straight column with square capital and base.
This Indicates one of considerable personal influence, one in whom egoity is strongly developed and plainly asserted. The mind is elevated, aspiring and precise, the nature plain and unaffected, but strongly didactic and self-assertive. The spirit of rectitude is dominated by the spirit of egotism. The attainments of the mind are marred in their expression by the evident lack of flexibility and deference. Without a high order of intelligence nothing but vanity and self-centered egotism is here discernible. Intelligence will render him dictatorial, but uncouth. At all times rigid and unbending, intelligence will give him mastery, and ignorance will render him a Goth. The character is capable of singular distinction. It is a degree of EGOITY.

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